As 5G Network rollouts gather over a hundred thousand new clients, the government urges firms to execute more robust security

September 7, 2021
5G Network rollouts government firms more robust security Singapore

As for Singtel, a Singaporean telecommunications corporation that reached over 180,000 new 5G network subscribers and expanded with new commercial use cases which operate on the 5G standalone network, their government has advised stronger security and resiliency in ensuring the safety of the 5G networks. 

The 5G networks are mostly software-driven systems that are essentially designed differently from their old versions. As told by Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo in a speech broadcast during Singtel’s virtual event, this enhancement of systems could create or expose new kinds of possible system vulnerabilities. 

She also said that all digital infrastructures must be kept protected so that the consumers of the 5G networks will be confident that the services offered are resilient. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has highlighted the significance of security and resilience as top priorities amongst telecommunication firms. 

As stressed by Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel Group’s CEO, the 5G network can transform businesses and pursue further improvement of new products and services to revive the core business of Singapore’s telecommunication industry.  



Dennis Wong, Singtel’s vice president for 5G enterprise and cloud, mentioned that in running the pilot of the 5G network, its potential use cases apply to many different industries such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, and financial services. 

The highlighted benefits of the 5G network include its ability to provide latency, fast connection speed, and improved network security. Through this, it can aid companies and consumers interested in adopting such brand-new technology in identifying tools that can help Singtel and its partners develop. 

Genie, Singtel’s 5G network in a box launched in April 2021, has been reported to be seeing a lot of interest from customers. They are also said to be requesting an extension with their loan periods. Wong has declined to answer whether how many of the Genie boxes are currently in circulation. 

Additionally, Singtel has also signed with their recent partners, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services or AWS. This action can lead the hyper scalers enterprise customers to operate on their applications using Singtel’s MEC and 5G networks. 

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