Russian law firm RKP Law is the newest victim of the Anonymous gang

June 9, 2022
Russia Law Firm RKP Law Victim Anonymous Gang Hacktivist

The most recent activity of the notorious hacktivist gang, Anonymous, involves their strike against Russia, leaking about 1TB of data from a Russian law firm called Rustam Kurmaev and Partners or RKP Law. The well-known law firm, RKP Law, has worked with the Russian government and other big-time Russian corporations from different sectors, such as banking, oil, industrial, media, and some American companies.

This recent Anonymous activity had happened only two days after they also leaked over 100GB of data from Vyberi Radio, a Russian media holding that manages more than 100 regional radio stations.

Dubbed ‘OpRussia,’ the collective’s constant attack on Russia began last February upon siding with Ukraine amidst the former’s plan to take over the assailed country.


The announcement of the adversity of RKP Law came from Twitter after the hacktivist gang declared that the law firm’s 1TB worth of court files, client files, and emails, among others, had just been compromised.


Furthermore, the announcement also included a list of some of the law firm’s clients that had also been impacted by the breach, including large firms like Ikea, Toyota Russia, ING Bank, Gilette, Citibank, and Volkswagen Group Russia, etc.

The threat group made the data dump against RKP Law available on the DDoSecrets leak site. Several social media representatives of the group had shared the announcement via their separate Twitter accounts, likely to spread the news more among their large number of respective followers who could be interested in collecting the leaked data of the Russian law firm.

For more than two decades, the Rustam Kurmaev and Partners, or RKP Law, has operated in Russia to represent its wide array of prominent clients. This recent data leak against RKP Law was executed by Anonymous’ affiliate groups, B00da and Porteur, which aimed to devastate the country by leaking important data from vital sectors such as real estate, corporate, banking, and construction.

RKP Law resolves several disputes for all their clients, including criminal defence of businesses, and creates a systematic strategy for executives and top-level management through several stages of legal and criminal proceedings. Thus, the data leak incident could effectively cripple Russia significantly.

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