Social Media abuse and threats

May 26, 2016
Social Media Monitoring

Social Media presents a new set of challenges for the business and is a growing area of online brand abuse and fraud. Social Media provides a new mechanism for cybercrime affording the opportunity to distribute phishing and malware content.

Social engineering is a key component of Advanced Persistent Threats — APT attacks and often infrastructure breaches start with a social penetration, with the use of spear phishing.

Social Media provides a broad avenue for brand abuse, copyright infringements via unauthorized or fake accounts, groups and profiles.

Some of the potential uses for a fake social media profile are;

gain a trusted audience for the purpose of a phishing attack

harvest person information for other types of social engineering

distribution of targeted malware, malicious mobile Apps, or drive by links

collect a specific and captive audience to spread false or misinformation

social-squatting for the purpose of profit

Unauthorised Social Media accounts, groups can lead to a range of associated threats;

fraud losses from phishing and malware

customer or employee personal identifiable information loss

defamatory information being spread under the business’s brand

dilution of the business’s marketing message from duplicate accounts

C-level staff maybe directly targeted resulting in a range of issues


iZOOlogic Social Media Monitoring penetrates deep into the social media spectrum to include:

Global and local social sites

Keyword and image based heuristics

Powerful visibility and control

Threat categorisation

Correlation of multiple data sources

Global Security Incident Response


Management of Social Strategy

Maintain the Social Message

Reduce Reputational Risk

Mitigate Adverse Social exposure

Social Brand Protection

Corporate Compliance

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