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USDOT website impersonation email phishing online scam

USDOT has been impersonated to conduct a two-day email phishing scam

Within two days of the phishing campaign, the US Department of Transportation or USDOT has been imitated by cyber-attackers. They operated on combined tactics such as forming new domains to copy and mimic federal sites to appear authentic and avoid being detected by authorities.  Security researchers have identified at least 41 phishing emails between August 16 to...
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Fujitsu confirms cyberattack not related hacker marketplace Marketo dark web

Fujitsu officially confirms that the cyberattack on its systems are not related to hacker marketplace Marketo

A 4GB worth of stolen data allegedly from Fujitsu was posted last August by a popular cybercrime marketplace known as Marketo. When the group was marketing the stolen data that they claim to be from Fujitsu, the company said that they were actually investigating a potential attack. They added that the source of this possible attack is unknown. Meanwhile, the attacker group Marketo said that they...
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Digital COVID-19 vaccination proof faked Bug Flaw Security Researchers

Digital COVID-19 vaccination proof can be faked, Flaw discovered by Security Researchers

A digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate can be faked, as warned by Richard Nelson, an Australian software engineer. This Australian digital contact-tracing program has serious flaws, according to the researcher, who is part of an independent cybersecurity group. This tactic can be done through Express Medicare, a government-operated application. He has sent a bug report to the in-charge...
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AVOS Locker group hits Pacific City Bank ransomware attack

New ransomware group, AVOS Locker hits the Pacific City Bank

The AVOS Locker Ransomware threat actors terrorise Pacific City Bank into leaking their stolen sensitive files if the bank refuses to negotiate.  The American bank called Pacific City Bank was recently victimised by a new ransomware group called the AVOS Locker. This bank serves the Korean-American society that is situated in California. It also offers different commercial banking services.  On the...
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RansomExx Ransomware Brazil Lojas Renner

The biggest Brazilian clothing store chain, Lojas Renner got attacked by a ransomware

One of the biggest clothing store chains in Brazil, Lojas Renner, had been recently reported to be intruded on by a ransomware attack. The said attack has negatively affected the store’s IT infrastructure, causing its official website and some of its systems to be inaccessible. This incident was revealed by the company Lojas Renner themselves on Thursday as they file with...
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poly network stolen crypto asset bitcoin

A considerable amount of stolen crypto assets was sent back to Poly Network by hackers

At least $260 million worth of stolen crypto coins were sent back by a cyber-attacker from their same victim, Poly Network. Although the amount that has been returned is only less than half of their initial stolen asset of $600 million worth of cryptocurrency against the said Chinese decentralized finance or DeFi platform.  The total crypto assets returned...
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260 Million Dollar Poly Network cryptocurrency platform

260 million dollars returned to cryptocurrency platform by anonymous heist team

According to blockchain researchers, over a third of the 600 million dollars stolen by hackers were returned as reported by a finance platform Poly Network via Twitter. They have also posted further information about the digital wallet that the hackers have sent the tokens. Threatening the hackers to take further legal action, the Poly Network was...
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cyber threat attacks customer data theft US Health Insurance Industry 

Increasing risk of customer data theft on US Health Insurance industry 

The health insurance industry in the US is now facing an increased risk of cyber threat attacks due to the rise of sophisticated exploitative techniques being used and developed by cybercriminals and fraudsters. This is due to the expansion of industries towards online digitization in conducting transactions, billing, and client records.  Health insurers or related...
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Accellion data breach Clop ransomware malware File Transfer Appliance

The average ransomware payment increases due to the Accellion data breach

Clop ransomware group attacked Accellion, one of the companies that offer File Transfer Appliance. Typically, transferring files happens via email. However, emails have limitations, particularly when it comes to large attachments and sensitive data. Some companies are now using File Transfer Appliance (FTA) installed on a private cloud, on-premises, or hosted to securely manage and...
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verkada surveillance camera hacked breach Arson Cats APT69420

Customers not affected after Verkada surveillance camera breach

This week’s trending topic in the cybersecurity community is the successful intrusion of the collective hacktivist APT69420 or Arson Cats that proves no one is secured. Though it is a small group of hackers, they could penetrate Verkada Security Company, a known recipient of Silicon Valley funding for its technology advancement when it comes to...
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