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Nvidia Stolen Code Signing Certificates Exploited Malware Attacks Windows OS

Nvidia’s stolen code signing certificates exploited in malware attacks

After threat actors reportedly attacked the tech firm Nvidia and stole 1TB worth of sensitive propriety data, researchers discovered that some of the stolen code signing certificates of the company are exploited to sign malware as trustworthy, which allows infected drivers to be installed in Windows computers. This recent attack incident is completed by the...
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Iranian Hackers Malware Middle East GRAMDOOR STARWHALE Spear Phishing Telegram

Iranian hackers used two new malware to target the Middle East

State-sponsored hackers from Iran has been operating two new malware threats called GRAMDOOR and STARWHALE to target unknown Middle Eastern entities and government. The Iranian hackers first used the malware in November last year, consisting of a simple backdoor functionality. Studies revealed that the recent attacks against Middle Eastern entities could be associated with UNC3313....
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NimbleMamba Malware Molerats APT Cyberattack Campaigns Middle East Phishing

NimbleMamba malware gets employed by the Molerats APT in campaigns

The Molerats advanced persistent threat group, also known as TA402, has bypassed researchers’ detection in their recent attack, revealing that the group has reemerged with its new malware strain named NimbleMamba. However, researchers believe that the NimbleMamba malware is more likely to be a recent version of the LastConn malware used by the Molerats group...
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Firms Iranian Cyber Firm Emennet FBI Iran Cybersecurity Alert Malware

Firms should avoid Iranian cyber firm Emennet, says FBI

The FBI released a private industry notification to warn industries and organisations about an Iran-based cyber company called Emennet Pasargad that operates malicious activities against them. According to the agency, the Iranian cyber firm has constantly rebranded its company to avoid the sanctions laid out by the US. The advisory released by the FBI also...
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Molerats APT Middle East Cyberespionage Cyberattack Campaign Backdoor

Molerats APT targets several nations in the Middle East

Recently, researchers have uncovered a new cyberespionage campaign conducted by an Arabic-speaking advanced persistent threat (APT) group called Molerats. The campaign has been identified to target victims within the Middle East since at least July of last year. The researchers added that their team has found a new campaign and provided a thorough technical assessment...
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China Threat Group Earth Lusca Industries Philippines UAE Taiwan Vietnam Thailand Nigeria Mongolia Cobalt Strike

New China-based threat group Earth Lusca targets numerous industries

Researchers discovered a new malicious China-based threat group called Earth Lusca, which is described to be spying on strategic targets and performing several financially-motivated attacks for the past couple of years. Although the group has attacked several industries before, researchers discovered that they originated and operated inside the Chinese territory and are the newest addition...
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Night Sky Ransomware Fray Cyberattack Corporate Networks Japan Bangladesh

Night Sky ransomware joins the fray in attacking corporate networks

A newly discovered ransomware called Night Sky is joining other threat groups in attacking corporate networks and stealing data for extortion against VMware Horizon servers. According to researchers, the Night Sky ransomware launched its operations at the end of December last year and immediately terrorised several corporate victims in a brief period. The ransomware was...
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iLOBleed Rootkit Firmware HP Devices Malware Data Wipe Data Breach

A new iLOBleed rootkit hides inside the firmware of HP devices

From the discovery of a cybersecurity group, a new rootkit is found to obfuscate itself inside the firmware of HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) devices that threat actors are utilising to wipe the servers of Iran-based organisations. The researchers called it the iLOBleed rootkit that targets the HP Lights Out firmware. The iLOBleed rootkit is a...
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Password Auto saving Digital Risk RedLine Malware Dark Web Info Stealer Credential Theft

Password autosaving might be dangerous due to RedLine malware

A new report revealed that autosaving passwords on popular web browsers such as Edge, Opera, and Chrome could be dangerous because of an info stealer called RedLine malware. Threat actors can acquire this info stealer malware by purchasing it on the dark web for a low price of $200. According to recent observations, amateur hackers...
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New Malware DarkWatchman Windows Registry CyberAttacks

New malware DarkWatchman uses Windows Registry to perform attacks

A recently discovered malware dubbed DarkWatchman uses the Windows Registry to attack. Based on research, the new malware is a lightweight and capable JS remote access trojan (RAT) combined with C# keylogger. Moreover, a researcher’s technical report said that this malware employs a novel remote access trojan (RAT) distributed by an alleged Russian-speaking threat group...
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