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corona virus maps azorult malware antimalware fraud prevention threat advisory

Corona Virus Maps, a software stealing software

Corona virus has now spread rapidly worldwide and recently declared by the World Health Organization as a global pandemic. Amidst the Global fear this virus has brought us, cybercriminals do not show signs of slowing down as they are continuously capitalizing on the said virus to spread different kinds of cyber-attacks.   There is a newly...
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uscbp subcontractor hacked data leaks compromised data data breach cyberattack

Massive data breach exposes travelers’ photos in a Cyberattack

A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) suffered a data breach exposing tens of thousands of travelers’ photos and license plate information collected at the nation’s border coming in and out of the United States in a recent cyberattack. This malicious cyber-attack hit the database of CBP subcontractor which identifies traveler photos and license plate...
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ta505 phishing campaign malware antimalware financial organizations

A threat actor known as TA505 recently launched a phishing campaign that uses living-of-the-land binaries (LOLBins) to distribute a new backdoor malware

Threat Summary Malicious actor TA505 known for these notorious campaigns namely info stealer malware Dridex, the Locky ransomware, and more. Another attack carried out by the same group on multiple continents, including North America, Asia, Africa, and South America. Primarily focusing on large financial organizations, this group at the same time perform well-planned, advanced attacks...
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SMiShing Campaign

SMiShing Campaign Targeting Android Users using Fake Banking App

Another SMiShing effort has been seen in the wild, focusing on Spanish-talking clients and utilizing a phony Android Banking application. The phony application, called Movil Secure has just piled on several downloads in a time of only six days.   As indicated by security firm specialists, who found the new battle, the phony Movil Security...
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Navigation Hacking: A Rising Threat in Modern Technology

Navigation Hacking: A Rising Threat in Modern Technology

With today’s modern technology, long drives are a thing of the past. Traveling and navigating is as easy as typing the location into your mobile device and voila! You now have a clear path towards your destination. It’s all thanks to the good ol’ GPS (Global Positioning System). As long as you have your smartphone...
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