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Cybersecurity IT Firms Impersonation Fraud Prevention Callback Phishing Cyberattack Campaign Tech Support

Cybersecurity firms impersonated for a callback phishing campaign

Earlier this month, the CrowdStrike Intelligence company spotted a callback phishing attack that impersonated numerous cybersecurity firms, including them. The threat actors used a social engineering attack tactic to deceive their targets. The callback phishing campaign allegedly impersonated the targeted company and disseminated several warning emails to different clients. The phishing email contained a message...
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RedAlert Ransomware Linux Windows OS VMWare ESXi Threat Group Stolen Data

RedAlert ransomware can target both Linux and Windows OS

A newly discovered ransomware campaign, which the researchers called RedAlert, can encrypt both Linux and Windows VMWare ESXi servers to attack corporate networks globally. The latest ransomware was posted on Twitter and included several images of the data leak site. They dub the ransomware campaign RedAlert, based on a string utilised in the ransom note...
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MedusaLocker Ransomware Cyber Attack Threat Advisory Warning FBI CISA Phishing

MedusaLocker widens its attack surface, authorities warn

From a joint threat advisory published by the FBI, CISA, the Department of Treasury, and the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the federal law agencies have detailed the recent malicious activities observed on the MedusaLocker ransomware. MedusaLocker is a ransomware variant that was first detected in 2019. Since then, several cybersecurity researchers have monitored its...
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AstraLocker Ransomware Word Files Malware

AstraLocker ransomware gets dropped directly from Word files

The second version of the AstraLocker ransomware has recently been released, which is used by its operators in distributing the payload directly from Word files attached to phishing emails. Researchers describe this case as uncommon since the drop of the payload is quite rapid compared with usual instances in which threat actors put effort into...
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YouTube Creators Infostealer Malware Trojan YTStealer Cracked Softwares Pirated

YouTube creators become victims of a new infostealer malware

YouTube content creators are again targeted by a new attack campaign that utilises an infostealer, dubbed YTStealer, to steal their authentication tokens and hack their YouTube channels. The infostealer has a specialised objective, which empowers it to be an effective tool for attacking its targets. The threat operators spread the infostealer through masquerading video editing...
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India Gambling Gaming Databases For Sale Dark Web Marketplace Casino Dream11 MPL 3Patti Tambolabingo Fun88 Data Leak

Indian gambling databases up for sale on dark web marketplaces

A recent dark web investigation of iZOOlogic researchers revealed that several Indian gambling firms’ databases had been found for sale on cybercrime forums. Based on the information gathered by our researchers, a threat actor under the username “stash09” had posted the database leaks on underground marketplaces for interested clients to purchase. Cyberattacks in India have...
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Copyright Infringement Social Engineering Online Scams Ransomware Fraud Prevention

Copyright infringement scams trick victims into installing ransomware

In a new case of phishing tactics performed by threat groups, the LockBit ransomware gang is seen tricking its victims into opening malware-laden files through fake copyright infringement claims sent on their emails. The malicious emails contain the copyright violation message that attaches a file allegedly containing the victim’s illegally used copyright-protected material. Based on...
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AvosLocker Threat Group Hacking Tools Cyberattacks ESXi VMware Server System Intrusion Ransomware

AvosLocker group combines payloads and commercial tools in attacks

Cybersecurity researchers have monitored a month-long threat campaign operated by the AvosLocker group that has expanded its arsenal and utilised several tools to aid its attacks. The researchers said they discovered the AvosLocker looking for exposed networks to compromise. The adversaries have used various tools, such as Sliver, Cobalt Strike beacon, and numerous commercially available...
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Magecart Cyberattacks Ecommerce Credit Card Skimmer Compromised Domain WordPress WooCommerce

Magecart attacks have lessened, but the few left becomes more elusive

Magecart attacks have drastically decreased over the past months this year. However, some of its operators that carry out such attacks have managed to increase their elusiveness since standard security solutions have difficulty detecting the campaign. Some analysts discovered that the client-side Magecart attacks are still ongoing with its operations, and the market for stolen...
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WeLeak Database Threat Group Data Leak Stolen Databases iZOOlogic Dark Web Fraud Prevention

The WeLeak Database group continues to leak stolen databases

Threat groups leaking stolen databases have been widespread across the dark web landscape. One includes the WeLeak Database group observed by researchers from iZOOlogic to remain active, specifically on their Telegram channel with over 12,000 subscribers. The WeLeak Database group has set up their Telegram channel to provide massive database dumps for the public and...
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