The biggest Brazilian clothing store chain, Lojas Renner got attacked by a ransomware

August 31, 2021
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One of the biggest clothing store chains in Brazil, Lojas Renner, had been recently reported to be intruded on by a ransomware attack. The said attack has negatively affected the store’s IT infrastructure, causing its official website and some of its systems to be inaccessible. This incident was revealed by the company Lojas Renner themselves on Thursday as they file with the Brazilian stock market. 

Rumours have suddenly dispersed upon the news announcement, as many Brazilian bloggers and news channels claimed that the incident had compelled the clothing store to close down its operations and its physical stores all over Brazil. However, the Renner group has ordered to dismiss the rumours by filing another document and assures their stockholders that the ransomware attack has only impacted their e-commerce department. In addition, all of their physical store across the country will remain available and open to the public. 

As confirmed today by researchers during interviews with some Brazilians, Lojas Renner outlets remain open, and their operations are still running. 


Rumours suspect RansomExx gang behind the attack 

Since the truth about which ransomware gang has executed the attack against Lojas Renner, rumours among Brazilian blogs have once again emerged. These rumours claim that it is a cybercrime gang called the RansomExx who have pulled off the attack and have obtained their access inside the servers of the clothing store through a giant Brazilian IT and digital services provider called Tivit. Nonetheless, the Tivit group has quickly dismissed the accusations in an interview and has gone through some records to prove that none of their corporate servers and networks was breached. 


Officials from the Lojas Renner group have modulated the issue despite initially admitting it. They specified that their main databases remain undamaged by the attack. 


Since the alleged RansomExx cybercrime gang was not yet proved to be the mastermind behind the attack, none from recent reports can prove the severity of its damages against the clothing store’s e-commerce database. However, suppose the RansomExx gang will eventually be pointed out. In that case, there’s a possibility that they have already stolen the sensitive information from the store’s database before encrypting it since this activity is reported to be their usual method of attack, and will threaten their victim to have the stolen data published if they won’t pay the ransom request. 


Lojas Renner group allegedly paid as per unofficial sources 

More rumours are rising as some unofficial sources reveal that the Renner group has paid the attackers at least $20 million worth of ransom money. The information has not yet been verified since representatives from the clothing company have not yet sent any comments. 

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