Brave Search unveils a new AI-powered summariser tool

March 15, 2023
Brave Search AI Summariser Search Engine Private Browsing Privacy

An alternative web browser, Brave Search, developed a new AI-powered tool called “Summarizer.” This new kit provides a summarised answer to an entered question before the rest of the search results appear.

Brave Search is a growing internet search engine that allows users to search the web anonymously and untracked.

The increasing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) among web browsers has revolutionised the internet browsing experience. Google, one of the well-known internet browser providers, plans to incorporate their own AI model soon.


Brave Search has developed a new tool that has an accurate searching capability.


Based on reports, Brave Search developers trained the Summarizer to source data solely from web search results. Hence, the browser could generate accurate and substantiated answers.

Additionally, the tool contains citations for the data sources utilised by the search engine for providing answers. This feature allows the users to decide if they will trust the summary. The browser also uses recent web results to create the outline, ensuring that the tool gives a user updated data.

A trial run conducted by a researcher revealed that the Summarizer tool does not emerge as the top result when performing simple questions. However, the tool could appear at the top of search results when answering a specific query.

Developers in Brave explained that Summarizer does not affect the anonymity feature of the browser in its search tool and assures its users that it still applies the same principles for its data protection protocol.

In addition, the tool does not utilise the recently compromised ChatGPT or any publicly accessible generative AI APIs. However, the Brave tool consists of three large language models that could execute separate tasks.

The Brave Summarizer has been generally available to all users of the Brave search engine on mobile platforms and desktops earlier this week. Users could also deactivate the feature if they are unwilling to use it.

Users of Brave Search Goggles could not access the Summarizer yet. Brave admins vowed to deploy the new AI-powered tool once the model becomes reliable for generating quality results.

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