Visser Precision confidential documents of SpaceX and Boeing leaked!

May 8, 2020
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Visser Precision – one of the leading manufacturer and designer contractor for most US aerospace. Their needs are now on toll after it failed to pay DoppelPaymer for blood money extortion. The hacker group gave them a March deadline. However, Visser was unable to pay the group. As a result, the sensitive data of their clients were leaked. The leaked data became a feast for the Dark Web netizens.

Information that was on the loose includes designs of military equipment, analysis and expenditure reports, and other legal documents such as business partnerships and collaborations projects. The most affected clients of Visser Precision company were named – Tesla, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and SpaceX.

A renowned cyberspace researcher named the group after its lethal program called DoppelPaymer Windows ransomware. Once a system has been infected, files will be compromised and be highly encrypted by the attacker. To restore these confidential files, the company must pay from a hundred thousand to million dollars of demand money. The DoppelPaymer website is always updated with a lot of compromised data from its victim that fails to heed on their demands. The information is ensured to be static online and accessible to the public that gives scares to their current and possible target, wherefore, kneeling on the group’s demand. Currently, the fraudster group announced that with the ongoing pandemic crisis, they would be hands-off to medical institutions attacking, but cyber authorities are in doubt.

Only Lockheed Martin provides an official statement regarding the discharge of their sensitive information. They said that they are fully aware of the incident that happened with Visser Precision; they are already mitigating the damages. As part of their action is to be inclined to the latest malware, spyware protection program, and practices to enhance their current cybersecurity protocol further. They also provide support to their partners and suppliers in strengthening their hold for such attacks.

Though paying ransom money is being discouraged in most situations, many companies are still heeding to the attackers’ demand to prevent immediate losses and damages. With the weight and importance of the data at a toll, giving in onto the demand has a higher percentage than ignoring the threat.

Lastly, we at iZOOlogic firmly believe that the ransom should not be paid, because providing the payment is not the best resolution as this may lead to higher demand from the attacker. Instead, invest in much-sophisticated cybersecurity services and practices to secure the assets of a company and prevent malicious attacks.

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