SMiShing Campaign Targeting Android Users using Fake Banking App

January 28, 2019
SMiShing Campaign

Another SMiShing effort has been seen in the wild, focusing on Spanish-talking clients and utilizing a phony Android Banking application. The phony application, called Movil Secure has just piled on several downloads in a time of only six days.


As indicated by security firm specialists, who found the new battle, the phony Movil Security application has been cunningly structured, with expert looking marking, to trap clients into trusting it is authentic. The analysts discovered three other comparative phony applications made by a similar engineer. Be that as it may, all the phony applications have been expelled from the Google Play Store.


“Movil Secure was distributed on October 19, and there were more than 100 downloads in a six-day time span. The quantity of downloads is likely in light of the fact that the application professes to be associated with Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), a famous Spanish keeping money amass with global ties,” Trend Micro analysts said in a report. “This bank is really known for being ace innovation, and its genuine versatile banking application is viewed as one of the business’ ideal.”


Movil Security does not have any of the functionalities it professes to have. Truth be told, specialists found that the phony application is a spyware that is fit for social affair data, for example, gadget IDs, OS variants, SMS messages, telephone numbers, and that’s just the beginning. The spyware additionally avoids clients, making it troublesome for clients to expel it.


“The performing artists behind the application have just begun utilizing the information they’ve gathered for SMiShing endeavors. In a post in the application’s audits area, one analyst said it was a trick that focused his bank card,” security specialists included in their statement. “We presume that the information taken from these applications might be utilized for further SMiShing assaults, or in different endeavors to gather keeping money qualifications from clients of these Spanish banks. Up until now, we have revealed the capacities of this rendition of the spyware, yet we will proceed to screen and track its development.”


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