A French telecommunication company got hit by a ransomware attack

July 14, 2022
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A France-based telecommunication service called La Poste Mobile has issued a threat advisory regarding a recent ransomware attack. Based on the report, the ransomware attack targeted the telco company’s administrative and management systems earlier this month.

Some researchers claimed that the LockBit ransomware group orchestrated the campaign.

Fortunately, the company’s security was quick on its feet and took down its systems to minimise other potential impacts. A week later, the websites were still inaccessible, and users were greeted by a statement written in French that instructed the customers to be mindful of future targeted cybercriminal activity.

The company’s initial study revealed that its team had protected its servers well. The protection was crucial for the company since its servers were essential to the operation of their mobile connection.

However, it is also possible that files on the devices of La Poste Mobile employees have been compromised since some files contained troves of personal data. The telecommunication firm then sympathised with their customers as the ransomware attack temporarily closed their website. They also assured their users that they would do their best to address the current situation.


The ransomware attack on the French telecommunication firm La Poste mobile could cost the company millions.


The French-telco company is a mobile virtual network operator with about 2 million customers, meaning the ransomware attack could make millions for a single extortion campaign.

While the company continues to operate, it has requested its customers to be wary of phishing attempts or malicious activity related to the personal information the threat actors may have obtained. Furthermore, the company also warned its users of any attempt of identity theft operation. As of now, the company stated that they would update their customers regarding the issue’s status.

Many researchers believed that the LockBit group was the culprit in the attacks against the telecommunication firm. The constant selling of its software to third-party criminals who use it in return for a part of the profit has proven that the group has become a hostile threat despite indirect involvement.

LockBit ransomware gang was responsible for or affiliated with about 40% of ransomware attacks throughout May this year.

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