Australian National University facing massive data leaks exposing 19 years of data access

February 22, 2020
Australian National University

The data of more than 200,000 employees and students of Australian National University is at great risk where a sophisticated operator gains an access to their staffs and students’ information that took place during late 2008.

The Vice Chancellor of the ANU, Mr. Brian Smith, disclosed in his statement about the massive data leaks that they have detected the security breach on May 17, 2019. It was believed that the unauthorized access to significant amounts of personal staff, student, and visitor‘s data extends back up to 19 years ago.

Mr. Smith added that depending on the information that the staffs and students have provided to the University, this may include names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, personal email addresses and emergency contact details, tax file numbers, payroll information, bank account details, passport details, as well as student academic records were also accessed. Credit card details, travel information, medical records, police checks, workers’ compensation, vehicle registration numbers, and some performance records have not been affected.

As part of the cybercrime solutions, Mr. Smith advice the staffs and students to reset their passwords immediately. They also believed that the hacker did not alter the information but only copied it. They should also follow the fraud protection outlined in the Chief Information Security Officer’s advice that has been emailed to them and is available on the ANU website.


The Australian National University has now taken its fraud prevention measures to ensure that the university’s systems are protected from hackers who will have to take another chance to steal and breach the university’s data after this incident.


Also, they are now collaborating with the Australian government security agencies and its industry security partners such as Microsoft.

As of this moment, the university is still unable to publicly provide specific details regarding the exact preventive measures they have taken to ensure the integrity of those safety mechanisms.

Before this incident happened, Australian National University was also hit by another attack last July 2018. But the university have cleared to the public that no staff, student, or research information had been taken.



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