R00TK1T hacktivist group issues threats against Sodexo

January 16, 2024
R00TK1T Hacktivist Hacker Group Cyber Threat Sodexo Food Services France

The R00TK1T hacktivist group has published an ominous post that threatens the renowned French company Sodexo. One of our iZOOlogic researchers spotted the group’s post, stating that they will unleash various cybercriminal operations against the French company in the coming days or weeks.

Sodexo is one of the world’s leading entities that provide quality-of-life services, ranging from catering to facilities management. According to our researcher, the hacktivist group explained in their Telegram channel that Sodexo had crossed their paths, which made them their primary targets. However, the group has not presented how the company got on their radar, ultimately making them their target.


The R00TK1T hacktivist group disclosed they would unleash various cybercriminal activities against Sodexo.


The R00TK1T hacktivist group, known for its straightforward attacks on entities it deems ethically compromised, emphasised on their Telegram post that Sodexo should be ready for the “spectacle of chaos” as they will execute cybercriminal activities that would disrupt the company’s operations.

In addition, our researchers also spotted some screenshots that seem to be data samples owned by Sodexo. Our analysts confirmed that these screenshots include the alleged Sodexo dashboard, source code, and employee database.

However, the French company has yet to confirm these details and issue a public statement addressing these allegations. Currently, the main concern for relevant individuals is the impending threat that these hacking groups reveal, as one of their statements in their posts explained that they are “honing their skills and preparing for the next big attack.”

While rooted in a desire for corporate accountability, the R00TK1T’s motivations raise questions about the ethics of their methods. Their approach, a blend of digital activism and cyber warfare, poses a challenge to traditional notions of protest, prompting a global conversation on the efficacy and morality of hacktivism.

The hacktivist finished their threat by reminding everyone in their post that no government or private entity is untouchable since their power knows no bounds.

As this warning develops, one thing is clear: the R00TK1T hacktivist group has established itself as the main character of this event, forcing corporations and governments alike to reevaluate their vulnerabilities to safeguard their systems.

Our iZOOlogic analysts and research team are monitoring this issue 24/7 to publish any new revelations or developments that would shed light on the unanswered questions regarding the threats.

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