Over 80k Credit Card info are up for sale in the Dark Web

June 13, 2020
credit card dark web leak

Recently, detailed information of over 80,000 credit cards discovered is being sold in the Dark web. As per the Security firm that created the leak, cyber-criminals obtained the credit card details from various countries that include the US, France, Australia, and India. These credit cards include both Visa and Mastercard.


credit card dark web image 1

The country classification is identifiable because of the leaked billing information. It’s not entirely clear where the threat actors precisely obtained these credit card details. Still, they may have come from an Online store or Phishing website that the hackers managed to breach.  Below is the total count of leaked credit card per country:

  • 33,000 United States
  • 14,000 France
  • 5,000 Australia
  • 5,000 United Kingdom
  • 2,000 Canada
  • 1,200 Singapore
  • 1,300 India

It is reported that the price of each credit card, including the card holder’s name, CVV code, and expiration date, costs $5 per unit, paid via crypto.

The Security firm has acquired the information/database. It has created a search engine for the people to be able to check whether their personal information was leaked in the Dark Web.

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