More than 21GB of data was destroyed in retaliation as a New York Credit Union employee got fired

September 10, 2021
New York Credit Union 21GB data destroyed employee retaliation

After being fired from a financial institution, New York Credit Union, Juliana Barile has been found guilty of an unauthorized intrusion of the firm’s computer system and then destroying more than 21GB of company data. Her action is reported to be a form of revenge upon her job dismissal. 

According to the acting US Attorney, Jacquelyn M. Kasulis, the deleted data from the intruded computer system includes mortgage loan applications and other private customer information stored in the company’s file server. 

In about 40 minutes of intrusion, over 20,000 crucial files have been deleted 

As per the court documents, the defendant, Juliana Barile, worked as a part-time employee for the New York credit union until her job dismissal during the year’s second quarter. Later in her departure from the firm, the information technology support group of the credit union has been asked to remove Juliana Barile’s remote access credentials. However, the IT group has failed to do so before the turn-around time. During the second quarter of this year, two days after the defendant was fired, she could log in through the system for about 40 minutes. 


In a sum of 21.3GB of data saved on a shared drive, the defendant has successfully destroyed over 20,000 essential Credit Union files and about 3,500 directories in roughly 40 minutes. 


Customers’ mortgage loan applications and the finance firm’s anti-ransomware protection software were included in the deleted files. Moreover, Barile has also intruded and spied on several Word documentation, including confidential credit union board discussions. 

On May 26, five days after the intrusion, the defendant has texted a close friend of her disclosing how she has deleted a large size of the credit union data and documents since the firm has not revoked her access to the shared drive immediately after being fired. 

The New York credit union still had to pay over $10,000 to restore all the deleted data because of the fired employee’s unauthorized invasion.  

An FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge stated that more than executing her revenge from her previous employer, Barile has inflicted harm on the firm’s customers. Her actions have resulted in a severe security threat against the credit union and to customers who are mainly relying on approvals and paperwork in paying for their houses just because of an act of petty revenge and selfish actions. 

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