Firefox add-on discovered to be Spyware

October 15, 2018
Trusted and Recommended web security Add-on by Firefox discovered to be a Spyware

Mozilla has removed an web security add-on from the recommended browser add-on list in Firefox’s official blog after a security researcher discovered the software was secretly logging browser histories. The add-on is described as a service that offers extensive real-time protection.


The web security Add-On was developed by a German firm named Creative Software Solutions, it has over 220,000 installs and an overall rating of 4.5 of 5.


The add-on was also recently included in Mozilla’s recommended list. The original collection included 14 add-ons which relate to privacy and security.

How this  online threat was legitimately recommended by the Mozilla Foundation themselves is questionable, though fortunately they  disabled the add-on right away from Firefox browsers once they were aware of the incident. They already offered a statement about how the investigation is still ongoing, and as part of mitigating damages, they’ve decided to temporarily block Web Security app from Firefox Add-on Store.

To limit any risk, consumers should review each and every web extension before they download it to their computers. Though given the vast amount of add-ons people encounter on a daily basis this becomes too challenging for an individual. We do suggest this becomes a critical security measure for businesses to analyze each and every add-on extension from their company assets and browsers.

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