Donald Trump campaign website hacked

October 30, 2020
donald trump campaign website hacked us election defacement

The official campaign website of the United States President Donald Trump was reportedly defaced for almost half an hour on Tuesday, October 27, shortly before 4:00PM PST.

A journalist at Jewish News of Northern California, Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler, was reportedly among the first to spot the defacement while researching a climate change article and immediately posted the screenshot on his Twitter account.


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The Threat actors behind this attack may have acquired access to the Backend webserver of and was able to insert a JavaScript code that displays “This site was seized.”

The hacked website also states, “The world has had enough of fake-news spread daily by president j Trump.” Screenshot of the 30-minute defacement is being circulated online, displaying a fake message along with the badges of FBI and US Department of Justice.

It was not yet verified if the Threat actors behind this attack were foreign. Still, they said to have compromised several devices that help them access the “most internal and secret conversations” of Trump and some of his relatives.

The allegations say that the Trump Government is involved in the Coronavirus’s origin and that they have evidence proving President Trump’s involvement and cooperation in manipulating the 2020 Elections.

The veracity of the allegations shown on the site was not confirmed.

The threat actors behind the attack also provided two cryptocurrency Monero addresses for visitors to donate to, one labeled “Yes, share the data,” and the other one “No, do not share the data.” Monero is a privacy and decentralization-centric cryptocurrency, meaning everyone can broadcast or send transactions, but no one will tell the source, amount, or destination of the said address.

As per Trump’s Communications Director, Mr. Tim Murtaugh, they are working with the law enforcement authorities to trace the origin of the attack, then assured that there is no sensitive data exposed on the hack. None of it is being kept on the site. The campaign website was reverted to its typical content a few minutes after the attack.

It has been revealed that the Monero addresses were signed with PGP Public key that corresponds to an email address and a nonexistent domain –


This is not the first time that US President Donald Trump was hacked.


It can recently be recalled that a Dutch Security Researcher was reportedly accessing Trump’s Twitter account by just guessing the weak password “maga2020!”. The reported Twitter account was not even protected by two-factor authentication. US-CERT and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) were notified and later changed the Twitter account’s password.

The US Presidential Election will be a battle between the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and the incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.

The defacement happened precisely one week before the US Presidential Election day on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

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