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digital ocean data leak incident compromised data

DigitalOcean leaks: How severe was the exposure?

One of the biggest web hosting platforms, DigitalOcean, has reportedly suffered a data leak incident that exposed some of their customer’s data. The data leak was reportedly occurred due to an Internal document of DigitalOcean that was inadvertently left accessible online. It was reported that an employee had accidentally made the Internal document available online...
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lock bit ransomware

Lock Bit Ransomware: Too quick to spread on 225 systems

Too Quick But True Lock bit Ransomware, since its release last year of September 2019, is making its name towards the hacking community. The program targets corporate networks to infiltrate their stronghold and for the attacker to demand a large amount of money on their target. This program was well known as a service since...
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wordpress code injection vulnerabilities software vulnerability

Another WordPress Site Blunder: Vulnerabilities are likely to target 900,000 sites per week

Are you setting up a WordPress site for business? If you have a WordPress site setup for your promotion or worse eCommerce site, then you are in for a significant risk. Vulnerabilities are surrounding the said platform; these vulnerabilities are pretty much the new normal since the launch of WordPress If you want to boost...
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perswaysion hacking attack

Perswaysion hacking attack – Executives of globally reputed companies are on target

Since last year, a growing number of reports targeting high ranking officials from small to medium businesses have been recorded linking to Perswaysion hacking attack. Executive Monitoring did by a group of cyber researcher name Group-IB confirmed at least 156 officials from the US, Germany, the UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore had their email...
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zoom zero day vulnerability hacking darkweb data privacy security threat

After Zoom bombing: More vulnerabilities and hacking attempts on Zoom

What is new with Zoom?  After the Zoom bombing incident with Zoom due to its vulnerabilities, it appears that the storm is not yet over the video conferencing app. From the day the weaknesses were exposed, numerous issues occurred on the rising application. It gets to us that what happened to Zoom is the “new...
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zoom bombing

Zoom Bombing

Zoom Bombing: The Zoom attack that work from home people should be prudent of    As all of us were advised by our governments to stay indoors to prevent and lessen the growing number of COVID-19 infections, work and learn at home is the best strategy to exercise social distancing measures and avoid getting infected.  Zoom has...
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Messaging Applications: threat that all businesses need to consider

Messaging Applications: A new threat landscape that all businesses need to consider

In response to the COVID19 virus, governments around the world have placed strict policies on their citizens, restricting non-essential gatherings and movements, including non-essential office-based work. Now that much of the world’s workforce is now working from home – messaging, video, chat conference applications have been widely adopted and their business use is now commonplace....
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canva hacked hacker data breach compromised data

Canva – Online web development firm in Australia suffers hacking incident

Australian web-design online service Canva seems to have been hit by a malicious hacker who claims to have made off with data pertaining to 139 million users. The pilfered personal information includes real names, usernames, email addresses and city and country information. On the bright side, email passwords were salted and hashed using the Bcrypt...
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ta505 phishing campaign malware antimalware financial organizations

A threat actor known as TA505 recently launched a phishing campaign that uses living-of-the-land binaries (LOLBins) to distribute a new backdoor malware

Threat Summary Malicious actor TA505 known for these notorious campaigns namely info stealer malware Dridex, the Locky ransomware, and more. Another attack carried out by the same group on multiple continents, including North America, Asia, Africa, and South America. Primarily focusing on large financial organizations, this group at the same time perform well-planned, advanced attacks...
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NoKor Hacking Group – Serious Threat to the Banking Sector

NoKor Hacking Group – Serious Threat to the Banking Sector

A North Korean-connected hacking group progressively is efforting banking-inspired assaults, proposing that digital heists are presently one of its primary exercises in the internet, as per another cyber security report.   The worldwide digital firm said in Thursday that the Lazarus Group is a threat to the banking industry area after it completed a progression...
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