Facebook Hacked… Again? Maybe we are not that surprised

April 7, 2021
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Hacked and leaked, ever since the Cambridge-Analytica issue erupted, we have seen never-ending posts in the different dark web and criminal forums about data peddled for a price about Facebook. The social media giant became a target for social engineer actors from other countries and various blackhat hacking skills. This 2020, iZOOlogic downloaded leaked Facebook data that consists of name, email address and phone numbers only.

We are still investigating whether the data downloaded last year is similar to the recent leak. According to our source from Raidforum, the current FB leaked breakdown is broken down per country.


The Facebook hack happened last August 2019

The mentioned Facebook hack that happened in this article happened last August 2019. The social media giant suffered a large leak of private user information through an exploited vulnerability that allowed for 533 million of their users to be scraped and later published.  The exposed data includes names, birthdays, phone numbers, users’ unique identifiers, emails, relationship statuses, occupation, and account creation dates. As we mentioned, many mentions of private data sellers offer the same leaks before it came to the mainstream media, one of which is the Leaks Market(currently down), where the Facebook Database was sold for only $99.



Consequentially the exposed data is usable for numerous fraudulent activities that an attacker may leverage to further their attacks on different individuals and organizations. Identity theft may be one consequence once an identity is played by a threat actor for phishing attacks connected to the victim’s stolen identity. The higher the phishing operation’s success rate. We project that there will be a rise in spear-phishing attacks after the leak was found circulating in low-level hacking forums.


Securing your data

Users who think that they are affected may visit the website Have I Been Zucked? To check whether or not they have been part of the half a billion data breach. If you find yourself as one of the affected individuals, we suggest that you change your email address, phone number, password, and security questions on Facebook.


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Data is currently being uploaded and analyzed

iZOOlogic has a copy of the leaked data where it is presently being analyzed by our experts. Once processed, we will immediately inform the concerned individuals and business units partnered who took our services. Our dark web monitoring operations and threat intelligence team will continue monitoring and gather intel that may be detrimental to critical industries.

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