LinkedIn hacked again: 500 million user data at risk

April 14, 2021
LinkedIn hacked data leak 500 million user data

According to multiple sources, about 500 million to 550 million amount on data was leaked from LinkedIn from a notorious low-level hacking forum to a private and exclusive only data trading forum. From the low-level hacking forum, the latest LinkedIn breach is popping up for sale like crazy. One user particularly caught my attention due to the elaborate list of the files that came with the data leak. I will outline the contents right below.


LinkedIn data leak 500 million user data image 1



The above goods are priced at 5000 USD according to the seller.

Here is another one from an exclusive group selling the same data that got hacked and then leaked. About 500 Million LinkedIn Users Data.


LinkedIN data leak 500 million user data image 2



I can say that this photo above is the cheapest for almost 1000 USD only. Here is another one from a hacking forum:


LinkedIN data leak 500 million user data image 3



Based on computations, the price range varies from 1000 USD up to 7000 USD. Depends on who is selling them.


LinkedIn had a data breach in the past 2016 of May, which was highly saturated for database hunters as it was released for free, the emails and passwords were exposed.


However, the passwords were salted. This time the leaked data is different. As the following affected data are as follows:



Not enough yet? Here is a sample of the leaked data that we have to blur following the GDPR and data privacy act of various countries.


LinkedIN data leak 500 million user data image 4



The data set is enough to conduct phishing attacks, spear phishing, social engineering, identity theft, sim swap attacks, fake account creation that may be used for mule activities on the dark web and some shady transactions best.

iZOOlogic is committed to monitor and safeguard information by proactively scanning criminal forums and the dark web for such activities. Through our threat intelligence team, which monitors such activities, we alert stakeholders and concerned organizations of what is transpiring to analyze and prepare for the negative impact of such database breach and leaks.


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