India banned additional Xiaomi Apps

August 14, 2020
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Following the directives of the Indian Government, particularly the Government of India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT, they continuously banned apps that are about China. With India giving a more lethal fang to the Information Technology Act of 2000, instigating section 69A – for blocking public access of any information through any computer resource. That it is prejudicial to the Government and people, they now prohibit the use of Xiaomi Mi Browser and QQ iM app.


Earlier this year, Xiaomi admitted that their mobile phones are equipped with an interface wherein it stored data on how their mobile phones were used by its user.


Whether it is frequently used for taking photos, live streaming, social media apps, and games. These user behaviors are then transmitted to Xiaomi’s data server in China. Into their defense, the company said that this information is secured and only used for data analysis for them to design new apps and mobile phone versions that can cater to all people’s needs for mobility. Unfortunately, this has condemned them for more speculation that it uses gathered data for country espionage, though this was not yet proven. Due to this reason, some launching events of the company to other countries and especially in India was halted. Now some of the default apps are being reviewed while others have already been banned.

In this report, India’s banning for the browser and the instant messaging app was substantiated with their findings of possible violations of their intensified campaign for data security. Currently, Mi Browser and QQ iM app is already removed in Indian Cyberspace, and Xiaomi users are now installing alternative apps through Google Playstore. Xiaomi India is already mitigating plans and doing paper works to comply with the Government’s needed requirements. Until then, they are in continuous communication with their shareholders and Indian Government towards having compromised agreement as this action of the Indian Government caused a massive impact on the market and brand of Xiaomi in India, respectively.

Many have condemned and were appreciative of the action taken by the Indian Government in pursuit of protecting its people and sovereignty. Though the banning was abrupt, it was not much of a surprise due to the ongoing border turmoil between China and India.

India is still in the review phase of many apps that are due for banning, especially those developed in China and those that China has little involvement in its development. Apps owners and developers understand India’s action. They are already doing an open book report to comply and adhere to India’s requirement before they can be allowed again in the Indian Cyberspace. For Google and Apple, they respect India’s decision and have done country restriction to their received submitted list apps that are to be banned in Indian Cyberspace.

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