Half Of the Canadian Population Were Preys of Cybercrimes

July 31, 2020
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Recent statistics that were presented by the cybersecurity researchers of Canada, under one of its cybercrime body – Cybersecure Policy Exchange (CPX) shows that 57% has been victimized by different online fraud. This contrasts with other researchers that were reported in 2017, wherein they gauge that only 36% has become a victim of cybercrimes and malicious activities. The survey was conducted recently in the mid of May 2020 with 2000 Canadian correspondents entitled Advancing a Cybersecure Canada: Introducing the Cybersecure Policy Exchange. The investigation is to gauge public knowledge and know their experience as a victim and asked their views and needs for their online security.

Cybersecure Policy Exchange (CPX) was created by the Canadian Government to battle the uprising statistics on cybercrime targeting Canada and, more importantly, its citizens. Their main task is to gather data regarding threats and cybercrime activity in which Canada or its people have been involved and to craft underlying policy, which includes awareness and implementation of rules based on the pieces of evidence recorded.


Pieces of evidence show that on the top of the list of committed cybercrimes is with the infection of ransomware.


This was supported by many business reports of ransomware attacks of prominent companies in Canada, which mainly are financial institutions. Next to the list is the use of Business Email Compromise and Website mimicry that delivers malware to the targeted victim. Once these malware has been installed on the system, it can gather sensitive information but mostly focusing subjects about bank and bitcoin access. Also, on the top list are data leaked of confidential information in which some are being used for other malicious activity, else, being auctioned to other malicious actors for its devious perusal. In the list still are virus infection, and few account hackings wherein damages range from data loss and scam activities.

Currently, and with the effect of the pandemic situation, the Canadian citizen is calling out for a more standardized systematic policy in battling cybercrimes and malicious activities. Publicizing the report aims to showcase the sought susceptibility and risk of Canada and its citizen to the growing number of online threats. However, there is still a long debate and discussion before this can be resolved. Issues such as public knowledge and privacy are always on the plate of the debate. CPX and other consulted security experts are well aware of the urgency of this policy. However, CPX must weigh its recommendation and innovatively craft it to ensure that it will strengthen its cybersecurity protocol while protecting the privacy of every citizen, including uniform access to all citizens.

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