New ransomware group, AVOS Locker hits the Pacific City Bank

September 13, 2021
AVOS Locker group hits Pacific City Bank ransomware attack

The AVOS Locker Ransomware threat actors terrorise Pacific City Bank into leaking their stolen sensitive files if the bank refuses to negotiate. 

The American bank called Pacific City Bank was recently victimised by a new ransomware group called the AVOS Locker. This bank serves the Korean-American society that is situated in California. It also offers different commercial banking services. 

On the other hand, AVOS Locker Ransomware is a relatively new ransomware group identified by researchers. This malicious program will intrude on a Windows host and then proceeds to encrypt all of its victims’ files. After the attack, the ransomware will then extort the payoff against the victim for the decryption of their compromised files. 

The threat actors of the AVOS Locker Ransomware assert that they have managed to intrude and steal the sensitive documents of the bank. As proof of their claims, the ransomware gang included Pacific City Bank in their list and posted few screenshots to their data leak website last September 4, 2021. They even taunted the American bank by stating that their security protocols are terrible given that the gang has managed to steal sensitive files from them. 

As posted by the attackers on their leak site, they stated that though the Pacific City Bank has exceptional banking and financial services for their consumers, they have a terrible protocol for security. In addition, from their published post, they have threatened the bank to leak all of the sensitive files and documentation they have stolen should the bank refuse to negotiate with them. They have also attached some proof of the exfiltrated confidential documents. 


Titled as “proof”, the AVOS ransomware gang has attached a ZIP archive to their post as their proof, which holds the alleged sensitive documents that they have stolen from the Pacific City Bank recently. 

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