2021’s first half to have found at least 288% of growth in ransomware attacks

September 14, 2021
first half 2021 288% growth ransomware attacks

It was highlighted by the NCC Group’s Research Intelligence and Fusion Team (RIFT) through their analysis of the exponential rising of ransomware threats worldwide. As with the researcher’s analysis, there has been at least 288% of growth in ransomware attacks worldwide between January to March and April to June of 2021. Many companies and organisations have been consistent in facing surges of these digital exploitations through targeted ransomware. 

The research findings between April and June have found about 22% of ransomware data leaks coming from the Conti ransomware. This said ransomware operated by using email phishing scams to remote a network by a targeted device of a victim employee. And then, the Avaddon ransomware thoroughly tags with about 17% of ransomware data links. The pressure relating to data encryption, leaks, and DDoS attacks risks in disrupting operations is now reported to be inactive. 

A threat to leak stolen sensitive data against victims who disagree with ransomware payments has been dominating as an identified significant threat in damaging the reputations of companies and businesses. This “double extortion” method adds more pressure in forcing payments from the victims and is popular among cyber-attackers. 


Identified locations of ransomware attacks by the first half of 2021 

For the first half of 2021, it’s been concluded that the issue of growth in ransomware attacks is affecting the whole world. For the last three months, about 49% of victims have been situated in the United States. Then follows France with about 7%, and Germany with 4%. Going back to June this year, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was the most prominent event in the cyber landscape, operated by the DarkSide ransomware affiliates. A shortage of oil and fuel supplies had been the result of this event all across America. 

The NCC group leader Christo Butcher stated that the ransomware threat has been a substantial threat to companies and governments over the years. This campaign of attacks had ranged from IT companies to financial sectors and even with infrastructure providers. All of these while the ransomware-as-a-service are being highly traded in subscription models by the ransomware groups. 

He also added that organisations’ resiliency is vital and must be practised proactively – including active remediation and upgraded security protocols against potential cybersecurity issues. 

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