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March 5, 2024 Dark Web Hacker Data Leak

Travel booking service provider currently faces a cybersecurity crisis after a threat actor posted their users’ emails and passwords on a dark web forum.

According to one of our iZOOlogic researchers, a hacker named Kuma Mishima published a dark web post on March 4, 2024, claiming they had acquired information about the site’s users and were willing to sell them to anyone.

Moreover, the leaked information consisted of emails and passwords, which could be detrimental for travellers as phishing attacks or identity theft campaigns could target them.


This recent cybersecurity incident is a massive blow to, recognised for its seamless travel booking services, could suffer negative reviews and backlash due to this incident. The breach not only compromised the privacy and security of its users but also tarnished the company’s reputation as a trusted platform for travellers worldwide.

The timing of Mishima’s dark web posting on Monday was no coincidence. With users returning to work and checking their emails after the weekend, the potential impact of the breach could be severe. The unsuspecting victims could find themselves locked out of their accounts or, worse, they could fall prey to cybercriminals exploiting their personal information.

In this fast-paced digital age, where privacy is a commodity and cyber threats constantly circulate in the wild, incidents like these are examples of the dangers of the unknown parts of the internet. The hacker’s recent act shows the need for heightened cybersecurity measures for individuals and corporations that collect and store their customers’ sensitive data.

On the other hand, our researchers here in iZOOlogic suggest that potentially affected users should immediately change their passwords and remain vigilant against potential identity theft or fraud. Furthermore, these proactive measures could become a positive habit for numerous individuals since it is also essential to regularly change credentials to mitigate such threats.

Unfortunately, this incident should still serve as a wake-up call for the entire tech industry since it highlights the significance of being vigilant in the face of evolving cyber threats. As of now, potentially impacted users should be knowledgeable of this recent issue since these stolen credentials could result in other potentially malicious activities.

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