Data Leak involves 2.9 million accounts of Indian applicants

May 30, 2020
2.9 million indian applicant info data leak dark web compromised data

With their regular website scanning through the dark web, a cybercrime researcher successfully stumbled on a recent data leak that involves 2.9 million of Indians’ data. The dumps are collected data of jobseekers that came from people of different locations in India. What does the leaked data include?

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • phone numbers
  • education
  • qualifications
  • work experiences
  • So much more

Compressed on a 2.3 GB file, they were able to acquire the data from a hacking forum and is doing now thorough analysis.


Analysis of the researchers

Different researchers suspect that the source of this information may have come from compromised prominent online job portals, as the folders show names of leading job websites in India. The exposed data leak is presentable as if one is reading someone’s curriculum vitae. However, a new tip received from an anonymous source allegedly links it to an unprotected elastic search. Currently, they have no concrete information yet of the perpetrators that leak this information. Further updates will be said to be released once there is confirmation from the investigation.

A trustworthy cybersecurity firm is responsible for exposing data leaks from Bangalore-based Ed-Tech firm Unacademy. The leak involves nearly 22 million users’ information that was sold off by hackers in the dark web. Researchers have submitted an analysis that has marketed 276 million Facebook data in April that includes information such as emails, names, Facebook IDs, birthdates, and phone numbers.

Researchers noted that this leakage is very usual on the dark web. Cyberhackers swim to the vast free and then sell off information ranging from sensitive or classified data to open-source malware programs that can be used by any neophyte or veteran hackers for their malicious activities. A lesson to be learned that with this type of exposure, everyone is expected to ensure sensitive data is well kept and manage. This leakage will sort to many cyber crimes such as scam, identity theft, and worst an espionage once it fell to the hands of a fraud actor. Organizations and businesses that stores customer information must invest in a much secure and agile application to protect best their interest and of their clients.

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