Genesis Market place: Bots, loggers, compromised machines for Threat Actors

January 13, 2021
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In the 4th quarter of 2020, Genesis Market place went down and left many patrons hanging, because most of the users invested a lot of bitcoin in the Genesis Market place wallet. Now that the site is currently under construction, their money cannot be refunded:


Genesis Market Bots Loggers image 1



Exit Scam?

Exit scam sounds a possible scenario when a market suddenly exits without any given notice. Mostly when no law enforcement did some shutting down. However, we want to debunk everyone who is letting their guard down on its disappearance. Genisis Market is alive and well.


Genesis Market Bots Loggers image 2



We saw their “social media” account in a famous Darknet forum responding to their customers as shown on the above screenshot.


What does Genesis Market actually do?

Genesis Market is a store selling real FP (fingerprints), Cookies, Form Grabber (logs), Saved Logins (saved passwords) and other personal information from computers of network users. Here is what you get as outlined below

You get fully prepared data:

  • browser fingerprints (FingerPrints)
  • logs (FormGrabber)
  • saved passwords of the holder (Saved Logins)
  • accounts with injections (InjectScript)
  • victim’s entire digital footprint (Cookies)
  • most importantly, you get FREE revolutionary software for using ready-made REAL prints and increasing your anonymity.


Basically, they sell botnets that already infected private individuals’ machines, name it to be from a gamer up to a corporation’s system administrator. A few instances made headlines that some companies were breached due to a botnet infecting a system administrator account. As a result, a data breach happened, the methods were numerous but gaining admin access is one of the requirements to a successful cyberattack that will involve data exfiltration.

Here is one screenshot of a bot for discounted sale:


Genesis Market Bots Loggers image 3



What are the prices?

Bots from $ 2, the price depends on the number of fingerprints, cookies, logs and saved bot passwords.

“The plugin was designed to automatically connect to a shop, download purchased bots and is completely free, but available after purchasing at least 1 bot with a fingerprint or cookie. Prices for logs and injections are assigned depending on the category of resources (shop or bank) and the type of data (login/password or full data from the injection), Genesis will parse logs without a category, clean them from garbage and give them for free If you bought a bot. It is still alive, then you can automatically receive updated fp and cookies in the plugin, + new accounts or data from injections into the shop panel for free.”


Is Genesis Market Coming Back? Not an Exit Scam?

According to their statement, they are maintaining the site in the backend. Also, all the bots previously purchased that are still active are updated. There will be no new registrations as of the moment. It seems that they are up and running even without the full website. Quoting their response to one of their patron’s shown on the photo below


Genesis Market Bots Loggers image 4



Corporations, especially the banking industries and the much-coveted vaccine manufacturers and research data institutions, must be aware that their machines are not easily infected by botnets. Else their data might be on sale in the marketplace where a future data breach might come from.




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