Joker Stash Bazar site was taken down by the authorities?

December 28, 2020
joker stash bazar site taken down INTERPOL FBI

Joker Stash is gone because it was taken down by the authorities hailing from the INTERPOL and FBI. This is a relief for the financial industry as the notorious dark web automatic card seller website in the Clearnet is now crippled. We believe that it is notorious because we have verified that most cards, especially those that are freshly sold and posted on the website, are confirmed to be functional. The notoriety just doesn’t end there, as we have verified that the .onion site of Joker Stash is still operating at least last 25th of December.

The takedown was successfully done by the authorities on the 17th of December. It was expected because mid-2020’s researchers experienced the difficulty to access the .bazar site of Jokerstash, where rumours floated that the .bazar blockchain extension was shunned by the chrome store, the reason why it was more challenging to install the .bazaar extension. Chrome Store removing the .bazar extension gave rise to the suspicion that authorities are on the trail of different adversaries utilizing the decentralized DNS.


Blockchain utilization

In 2017, the Joker Stash website utilized a decentralized DNS where the top-level domains are not owned by a centralized authority. Here are the Blockchain proxy domains – .bazar, .coin, .emc and lib that redirects users to the actual contents, and the original two .onion variants. Initially, there is only two Tor onion access; however, there are now four due to the raid. Now, we can confirm that the fourth one is the only working TOR Link.


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We can say that the FBI and Interpol did some extensive job there because they did capture the operating IP address in which the team of Joker Stash maintains. However, this only spells a non-lasting disruption of Joker Stash operations. During the 2nd week of December 2020, the blockchain DNS versions of Joker Stash were inaccessible. However, a workaround via TOR was the 1st aid of Joker Stash against the authorities’ disruption and takedown. Though this may signal that the takedown was not a success. The message, however, was clear that the operators behind the darknet website can be tracked. The same thing happened to other reputable market sites such as Alphabay and Dream Market before those were totally shut down.


Joker Stash Back up again?

iZOOlogic confirms that the website is accessible. As of the moment, we can access it using the TOR onion URL. The goods inside the carding marketplace are intact. Our Darkweb monitoring services can confirm that the major activities and massive Financial Institutions are still being targeted by the long-term adversary Joker Stash.


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