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June 18, 2020
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Facebook – from a small campus project, then to be the most popular website and, in the end, a billion-dollar business. The history of Facebook was a phenomenal breakthrough in the world of social media and the progressing of Internet technology. This website has been used more, and I can say advantageous rather than its negative effect when it comes to socializing. With many things it has offered, its service and vision never end.

Since the era for mobility has been growing fast, they were able to jive with people who need to be always connected. With their vast network connections, they were able to bring Messenger as a free messaging app without data charges from their mobile service provider. With its tie-up with many countries service providers, users can enjoy the basics of rummaging through the application and chatting through Messenger without the data charges.

Such vision and mission to bring free services to users lead its founder Mark Zuckerberg presented to his new campaign of providing free internet service. Though the project has already begun after the success of free Facebook and Messenger, he and his team have never stopped to have this project become an immediate reality. Being known as the Internet.Org project, then became Free Basic, now they are delighted to introduce – Discover.

Based on the reports, from its evolution and timing with the technology, developers were able to address its vulnerabilities simultaneously with its Free Facebook and Messenger project. They confirmed that the app is fully equipped and has given thorough planning in possibly addressing subsequent issues that may arise, such as cyber hacking.  Generally, with the use of the app, a user can access the internet for free. However, this will be limited only to sites that Facebook has screened properly and has passed their standards. The information will be available on their server wherein users can access the content and information for free. Just like its previously free service project, the data is obtainable without using high bandwidth on audio and video to ensure services are at ease.

Developers include on their cybercrime solutions the use of iframe to add security on their servers. With this feature, they can ensure that any malicious actors will not easily compromise websites that are stored on the Discover repository. Randomly do website scanning to avoid clickjacking attacks is also performed. For anti-phishing protection, they devise multiple system validation to ensure services have not tampered, and the exchange of data is only in between the user and the server.

We can say that the portfolio of the project is highly promising. With the integration of the iframe and multiple authentication methodology that is injected on the app, they have mustered a real stronghold to avoid possible system infiltration. Currently, the Discover service is now being tested and, as claimed, will ensure positive feedback as a result. Nevertheless, this breakthrough for free service is another leap towards having better social awareness and access to information. Hopefully, this can be spared from the eye of any malicious actors for knowledge sake.

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