Crackers gatecrash on Zoom meetings

August 4, 2020
crackers perpetrators bruteforce attack password cracking gatecrash zoom meetings password threshold

With their regular website and app scanning, Cybersecurity researcher spotted an unusual patch released by Zoom Company. Zoom is a popular application that is usually used for voice and video conferencing by many prominent businesses worldwide. The in-depth analysis confirmed that the patch was their resolution to the recently discovered vulnerability of the application. The investigation also confirmed that these kind of vulnerabilities are not isolated in the case of popular applications such as Zoom. It however shows that the company has been suffering for many zero-day attacks from different perpetrators and crackers.

The recent patch that has been released is about the loophole on their meeting login password that was exposed during a test done through a web-client sign-in process. Generally, an entity needs the company or personal email address to start its Zoom account application. An email notification is sent with the link to complete their meeting profile. Once the account has been created, a 10-digit meeting ID with a direct zoom meeting link is designed for the user. They can use this to produce or host their meeting, and a 6-digit password is generated for each meeting scheduled. The password should be shared with other users that will be joining the scheduled meeting.


Unfortunately, the Zoom app developer forgot to establish or include on their code the incorrect password threshold to halt any unauthorized people like crackers to join on the created meeting.


With this discovered vulnerability of the perpetrators and crackers, they were able to generate a million-password combination in just a minute to suffice the meeting ID they able to crack. Hence, they were able to join a meeting wherein these perpetrators able to share obscene and racist contents on the compromised meetings. This password cracking method also can even penetrate or overrule scheduled repeating conference to continue its malicious activity.

Other issues that were uncovered was for compromising users’ computers that run on Windows 7 and older version. Crackers through compromised Zoom account can run or infect the victim computer with different malware or spyware for their exfiltration operation. In addition to this, Zoom has also been victimized by perpetrators injecting codes and sophisticated ads that lures its victim to provide sensitive information through phishing and pharming attacks.

Zoom Company professionally acknowledged these shortcomings and was able to mitigate the plans and patches to address them immediately. To show their commitment and to gain the trust of their subscribers, they announced that they will be on halt in releasing software updates. They will run a full scan, including security checks on the current version, and to earnestly review other vulnerabilities and take immediate action on it.

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