Gamers scammed! Fake offers for free Valorant

June 24, 2020
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With its Beta version coming to an end, the highly anticipated game that is released by Riot Games gained another controversy by being used for malware spyware propaganda. Valorant is somewhat similar to Counter-Strike Go (CS Go), which is a five versus five tactical shooting game. As an FPS, it uses guns and other weapons to combat other players.


The game Valorant is used by scammers targeting hooked gamers with this highly sophisticated first-person-shooter (FPS).


Many gamers were lured to it, not just because of the arms. Still, the characters also used hypernatural powers with a different set of abilities. It can also be played even on a minimum spec or older computers on 30 frames per second up to 144 frames on new rigs. The developers also promised that the game has an anti-cheat that ensures players can win only with their skills and planned strategies.

Unfortunately, the game is only available in the PC version. With a positive response from the gamer’s community, scammers see the opportunity to lure them by spreading fake news of the game being available for mobile use.

Cybercrime researchers confirm that a Valorant mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS is out in the mobile app market, with the fraudster quickly spreading the news through the help of Youtube. Thus, they were able to get the attention of many game addicts. The app deceived the gamers because it uses screenshots and descriptions of the legitimate Valorant game. However, to complete the installation, they were being redirected to a hacker-controlled domain. Hackers instruct unsuspicious victims to either install additional applications or subscribe to various offers to unlock the game for free. In the end, the promise falls short, but only the hackers have achieved its goals. Its goal of spreading malware to the device and earned rewards from affiliated offers that their victim had got into a subscription.

Riot Games – the developer of Valorant released their official statement as brand protection that the Mobile App version does not exist at the moment but maybe possible in the future. Anyone who installed the fake app should uninstall it immediately and ensure no remnants remain to clear of possible malware infection.

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