An onslaught of Ransomware in Healthcare Delivery Organizations might result to grave danger

Ransomware Healthcare Delivery Organizations cyberattacks

IT security professionals were surveyed by a certain institution to accurately understand the ins and outs of how COVID – 19 affects healthcare delivery organizations. This survey also helps them figure out how ransomware cyberattacks on patients’ information are being kept at bay by the HDOs. 

As for the research mentioned above, ransomware has already impacted healthcare organizations, causing grave danger to some patients. The mortality rate due to ransomware was reported in nearly one in four healthcare providers. 


The Pandemic caused adjustments to HDOs and Ransomware attack preventions 

Risk factors to healthcare delivery organizations were introduced due to the arrival of the COVID-19. Examples of these are the inclusion of work from home, a system that will support it, careful hiring of staff members, and an elevated patient care requirement. CIO, CISOs, and healthcare risk executives are the main focal point of why this research is conducted to understand why HDOs are being targeted and discover the effects of ransomware attacks. 

The institute that conducted the research stated that the increase of cyberattacks, especially ransomware, greatly affects patient care. They also added the fact that COVID-19 made things worse for healthcare providers. 

The research analysis pointed out the steps that the HDO is taking to protect the patient, patient’s data, and care operation. This analysis can determine the best course of action in fighting ransomware attacks since a single cyberattack entity does not just target the victims. 

Ransomware attacks are very problematic to healthcare and healthcare services. The resulting factors that greatly affect patients are the increase in mortality rate, more complications from medical procedures, delays in procedures and tests that result in undesirable outcomes, surged of patients being transferred to other facilities, and longer hospital admittance. 

COVID-19, data breaches, and ransomware attacks are a mixture of chaos for IT and security leaders in healthcare. 

This institutional research has paved the way for the healthcare industry to follow. They are now transforming their cybersecurity, and third-party risk programs are the only way to counter cyberattacks. If it remains unnoticed, patients might suffer more than just health complications. 

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