Baker & Taylor book distributor suffered a ransomware attack

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Baker & Taylor book distributor is considered one of the biggest suppliers of books to libraries worldwide. Unfortunately, the firm suffered a ransomware attack a couple of weeks ago and is working to restore its systems.

According to the affected entity, its servers were compromised after an outage impacted its phone systems, service centres, and offices. They also added that the disruptions to its business-critical systems came from the incident and would persist through the first days of the attacks.

The company’s technical team will use the time given by the persistence to work on restoring its affected servers.


The ransomware actors might not expect a ransom from the Baker & Taylor book distributor.


Baker & Taylor gave an update, confirming that the disruption source is a ransomware attack on their network that occurred last weekend. The book distributor also warned other organisations that cyberattacks have been increasing significantly. Hence, organisations should fortify their cybersecurity solutions.

In addition, the company also assured its customers and partners that they are working tirelessly to recover from the attack and restore their impacted networks. Baker & Taylor thanked all their patrons for their patience and cooperation while dealing with the service disruption. The firm then added that the attack had frustrated their customers, so they are asking for a little more time to get back on their standard operation.

Unfortunately, there is no detail on the ransomware group’s affiliation or identification. Experts also believe that the attackers are just amateurs since there are no claims yet for big-time ransomware groups.

The company said that they will continue to give updates regarding their progress and will make sure to resolve the case as soon as possible. They are working on the affected areas of their company; therefore, it is optimistic to assume that they will not provide any ransom to the threat actors.

Baker & Taylor is privately owned and was founded nearly 200 years ago. It is also the leading global library content and provides services to over 5,000 public and educational libraries.

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