Google announces that they will create a Cybersecurity Action Team

Google Cybersecurity Action Team Threat Advisory

Google is forming together a group of experts to create a new cybersecurity advisory team. 

In an announcement released recently, Google mentioned the creation of its all-new Goggle Cybersecurity Action Team. It will have a unified mission in supporting the digital transformation and security of governments, enterprises, critical infrastructure, e-commerce, confidential data, and small businesses. 


What is the purpose of Google Cybersecurity Action Team?

The primary purpose of Google’s transcendent mission is to generate a team that will provide and give services in four major areas. These four areas are trust and compliance, security customer, solutions engineering, and strategic advisory, including threat intelligence and incident responsiveness. 

According to the vice president and founder of the Google Cybersecurity Action Team, the customers need a consistent and efficient approach to defend against any cybersecurity anomalies. 

He also added that their comprehensive mode of security solutions delivered through their platform and amplified by the newly formed Google Cybersecurity Team would help defend all organizations against unwanted cybersecurity threats with the capability to address industrial frameworks and standards. 

Another job of these versatile teams will be to advise their employees and clients on their security tactics, including transformation workshops and educational content. 

Google said that this function would advise clients on the structure of their digital evolution and provide necessary program management and expert services support. 

Another team’s objective will be simplifying customers through compliance services and trust that map Google’s worldwide compliance certifications to industry control frameworks. 

The cybersecurity team will also be affiliated with the delivery of incident support, preparedness drills, quick response engagements, and threat briefings. 

A former CIA cyber-threat analyst and currently the senior vice president of a security firm told a security magazine that creating the new Google Cybersecurity Action Team would help a vast number of organizations deal with the rising threat of multiple ransomware. 

She added that we would observe ransomware attacks daily within the next five years, but this team can fortify any individual against any threat. Finally, this new cybersecurity will also develop itself in the future. 

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