HTTPS, tech, and retail firms are prone to cyber threats, according to new reports

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New reports were published by security analysts recently, stressing the upsurge of cyber threats this year, including cyberattacks against HTTPS, tech, and retailer firms. 

According to the report, threats against HTTPS have grown to over 314%, while threats against tech companies have dramatically surged to 2,300%. Retail companies, on the other hand, grew to 800% of exposure to cyber threats. Furthermore, reports reveal that the tech industry has contributed to the 50% of the attacks tracked by analysts. Malware infections were found with a 212% rate, while phishing scams were found with a 90% rate. 

The analysts have tracked over 20 billion worth of threats that are blocked via HTTPS. They also analysed about 190 billion transactions by the Zero Trust Exchange from January to September of 2021. The analysts have worked on the collected data to compile and publish the report. 

According to a security expert, IT and security teams have struggled to execute SSL/TLS inspection policies among their systems because of the lack of resources and privacy concerns. Consequently, the encrypted channels build blind spots within their security postures. A report about the state of encrypted attacks shows that the most practical way to avoid encrypted attacks is through a cloud-based proxy architecture to inspect all ongoing traffic. 

Furthermore, researchers discovered that ransomware is now the most lucrative option of cybercrime for threat actors instead of crypto-mining, which is becoming less prevalent. 


In the upcoming holidays, cyber threats among retailers will increase since firms offer several digital buying options and highly advertise e-commerce solutions. 


Analysts expect a surge of ransomware and malware attacks against digital payment solutions and e-commerce platforms between Black Friday and Christmas. Moreover, despite the world gradually shifting back to the old normal, employees worldwide are still exposed to cyber threats and vulnerable environments. Threat actors are interested in accessing critical point-of-sale systems since it leads them to a profitable attack. 

There was an observed decrease in healthcare and governmental organisations attacks. However, there is still a surge in attack rates for SSL and TLS traffic. The countries mentioned in the report about topping as the five most encrypted attack targets are the US, UK, France, Australia, and India. 

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