Phishing campaigns now easier to conduct with the help of phishing kits

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There are countless known ways for malicious actors to conduct a cyberattack these days, but phishing is the best operation for financially motivated attacks and quick cash grabs. However, due to the ever-growing world of hacking, every malicious individual can now conduct a phishing campaign with ease using ready-to-use phishing kits.


As of now, phishing kits are known to have a capability that enables non-technical cybercriminals to leverage new strategies.


These kits are designed to have different tools that allow amateur cybercriminals to develop and start their phishing espionage campaign.

The researchers discovered that these newly available phishing kits are sophisticated yet simple and are created for operations that can steal multiple credit card information, personal details, and social security. The most notable phishing kit used recently was the ‘Chase XBALTI’ utilised to target clients of Chase and Amazon. Since several kinds of phishing kits are available depending on targets and functionality, analysts have classified them into several types.

The first type is the “basic kit” containing simple JavaScript, HTML, and PHP files that enable the user to transfer victims’ data to local log files and manually exfiltrate them.

Secondly, the “dynamic kit” holds carefully designed code and logic to portray dynamic content to targets. This kit can take the visuals of fake consumer banking login pages or company logos based on the target’s email address.

The most abused kit is called “commercial kit”, utilised by the operators to provide online storefronts where buyers can log into, purchase, download, and configure phishing tools.

The last phishing kit is called “Frameworks” and is used for applications operated on makeshift web servers to generate and run phishing pages immediately.

It is not entirely new to everyone that both the internet and cybercrime are growing faster. Malicious threat actors are picking up the pace in developing new ways to deploy more threats than creating anti-threats. Because of the recent discovery of phishing kits, many experts believe that this may be a potentially massive threat to many individuals soon. Therefore, people should be extra careful in every action they execute when using the internet.

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