Nvidia brand used by scammers to conduct a fake giveaway

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Fraudsters exploit a computer graphics processor firm Nvidia to conduct a fake giveaway scam to steal cryptocurrency funds from their targets that bite the bait. A report stated that the scammers are abusing the 30th anniversary of the firm by luring its targets with a 50,000 BTC free giveaway.

Based on a recent analysis, the scammers manifested a phoney website which allegedly dedicates itself to Nvidia’s anniversary, including the mentioned Bitcoin giveaway.

The main screen of the fake website portrays the company’s log and a portrait of Nvidia’s chief executive officer. Subsequently, the unfortunate visitors that access the website will be instructed or urged to pick a category to participate in the ongoing fake event.

However, their site will not show any category. Instead, the users are redirected to another page with a huge single button that portrays the term “Bitcoin Giveaway.” If visitors click the button, the user will be redirected by a site to a page with a thorough explanation of the phoney rewards.

The primary rule for participating in the fake anniversary event is the users are encouraged to make a contribution or donate to obtain a lottery ticket. Furthermore, the users are assured of getting their money back with twice the amount and a chance to take home the 50,000 Bitcoin.

Then, the fraudsters will hand out an address for a cryptocurrency wallet to the participants to complete their contributions. The bottom of the malicious page also shows live broadcasting of the fake winners handed out by the organisers to make the site look more legitimate.


The site operators of the Nvidia scammers included a chat to make it more convincing.


The site operators also created a fake Nvidia support chat to give an impression of the site’s authenticity. However, researchers have yet to identify whether the responses from the conversations are from real people or bots.

Malicious threat actors are making sure that the greediness of humans could be profitable for them; that is why they are offering these fake giveaways to increase their operation’s success rate. Therefore, experts recommend that users should stay away from offers that may seem to be sketchy.

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