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ObjCShellz Malware macOS BlueNoroff Social Engineering

BlueNoroff hacking group infects macOS with ObjCShellz malware

The notorious North Korean threat group BlueNoroff allegedly launched a new malicious payload dubbed ObjCShellz malware to target macOS systems. This novel malware shows how North Korean hackers constantly develop sophisticated tools to target every system, including macOS.   The ObjCShellz malware resembles a previous payload launched by North Korean hackers earlier this year.  ...
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Blaze Stealer Malware Python Packages PyPI Hacking

The BlazeStealer malware has plagued Python packages

The BlazeStealer malware has spread in the PyPI repository to infect and compromise developers. Based on reports, the malicious threat has made its way into the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository, targeting those who seek seemingly harmless obfuscation tools. Researchers recently discovered this malware. They explained that BlazeStealer could allow hackers to gain complete control...
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Bumblebee malware Cybercrime Hackers Phishing

Bumblebee malware reemerges in a new threat campaign

After four months of inactivity, the notorious Bumblebee malware has reappeared in the cybercriminal landscape. Based on reports, the latest campaign leverages thousands of emails targeting the United States-based organisations. The researcher revealed that these emails contained the innocuous subject line “Voicemail February,” these emails masqueraded as legitimate emails, coming from the address info@quarlesaa[.]com. Moreover,...
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Cryptocurrency Blockchain KANDYKORN Malware SocialEngineering macOS

DPRK hackers use KANDYKORN malware to target crypto experts

North Korean state-sponsored threat actors are currently targeting blockchain engineers associated with an undisclosed cryptocurrency exchange platform using the new KANDYKORN malware. Based on reports, they execute their attacks on Discord to spread this novel macOS malware. Moreover, the researchers have identified this operation since April and found connections to the notorious DPRK group Lazarus....
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MSIX Windows Microsoft Web Apps GhostPulse Malware

Hackers use MSIX apps to spread GHOSTPULSE malware

A newly discovered cybercriminal campaign leveraged compromised MSIX Windows application package files to propagate a new type of malware loader called GHOSTPULSE. The threat actors endorse these fraudulent MSIX packages as popular software applications like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Grammarly, and Cisco Webex to lure users. MSIX is a format developers can employ to...
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Dark Web Data Theft Malware ExelaStealer Hackers

ExelaStealer, a data theft malware circulating the dark web

The new ExelaStealer malware is the latest data theft tool that emerged in the digital underworld several months ago. Based on reports, it contains various data-stealing capabilities that range from robbing sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, cookies, and session data to logging keystrokes on Windows OS. Moreover, a new analysis of the ExelaStealer...
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BatLoader Malware Malvertising Fake Ads Malicious Domains Phishing

BatLoader malware spreads via new malvertising campaign

A new malvertising campaign that spreads the BatLoader malware targets corporate users who search and use the web conferencing app WebEx. The campaign portrays itself as a legitimate ad since the attackers have purchased an advertisement that impersonates the branding of Cisco, the company behind WebEx. This fake ad has commonly appeared as the top...
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Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Malware that uses a computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency without the user’s consent.
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NS-STEALER Malware Discord Social Media Bots Infostealer

NS-STEALER malware uses Discord bots to steal information

The new Java-based information-stealing malware, NS-STEALER, has emerged and leverages Discord bots to exfiltrate sensitive data from compromised systems discreetly. Based on reports, an independent, comprehensive analysis published last week revealed the sophisticated techniques employed by this malicious software. The propagation of NS-STEALER starts with deceptive ZIP archives posing as cracked software. In addition, the...
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Software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
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