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Xenomorph Android Malware Financial Trojan Mobile Data Stealer Banking Malware

Xenomorph Android malware armed with more refined features

Researchers have spotted the newest version of the Xenomorph Android malware equipped with more advanced cyberattack capabilities. According to reports, Xenomorph’s third version has an automated transfer system (ATS) framework that helps it hack and steal data from targets more effectively. First identified last year in February, the malware’s first version was hidden within applications...
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NLBrute Malware Developer Russian Hacker Extradition US Policy Enforcement Cybercrime Dark Web Marketplace

NLBrute malware developer from Russia extradited to the US

The alleged Russian NLBrute malware developer was deported by authorities to the United States after its apprehension in the Republic of Georgia last year. The accused individuals allegedly sold and created the password-cracking tool. The arrested individual is named Dariy Pankov, who now faces computer and device fraud violations that could reach nearly 50 years...
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Cybersecurity Banking Banks FiXS ATM Malware Automated Teller Machines

Experts alert banks about the new FiXS ATM malware

Security researchers uncovered a new malware strain called ‘FiXS,’ a Windows-based ATM malware that began targeting banks in Mexico in February. Reports reveal that this malware can infect any automated teller machine that supports CEN/XFS or eXtenstions for Financial Services. While researchers initially found the malware requiring interaction through an external keyboard, they also found...
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Hackers Data Breach Sandbox Gaming Blockchain Malware Phishing Spam Open World Online Game

Hackers breached the Sandbox blockchain to spread malware

The Sandbox blockchain game notifies its users to be wary of fraudulent emails that impersonate their game. Based on reports, the blockchain entity experienced a data breach incident that allowed the hackers to distribute emails that contained a malicious link with malware. Sandbox is a blockchain open-world multiplayer video game played by more than 350,000...
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OxtaRAT Malware Cyberattack Campaign Armenian Companies

The OxtaRAT malware campaign targets Armenian companies

The OxtaRAT malware developers have upgraded their operations by updating their remote access and desktop surveillance tool. Based on reports, the threat actors behind this malware have added multiple capabilities to make it stealthier while targeting new regions globally. A researcher revealed that the OxtaRAT attackers had transitioned their operations from targeting Azerbaijan political entities...
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Frebniis Malware Brand Abuse Exploit IIS Web Services Obfuscated Communications

Frebniis malware exploits IIS tools for obfuscated communications

The newly discovered Frebniis malware has abused the MS IIS feature to run malicious commands without raising any suspicions from security defenders. The malware operators are still unknown but have already targeted several Taiwanese organisations. Based on reports, the Frebniis malware abused the Microsoft IIS tool dubbed ‘Failed Request Event Buffering (FREB)’ to launch a...
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RambleOn Android Malware South Korean Journalists

New RambleOn Android malware targeted South Korean journalists

A newly discovered Android malware, RambleOn, has been spreading infection in the wild after security researchers found its trails targeting a South Korean journalist in a social engineering operation. According to the researchers’ observations on this new Android malware, once it successfully infiltrates a device, it can read, collect, and leak the victim’s SMS data,...
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WhiskerSpy Malware Spread Watering Hole Attack Tactic

WhiskerSpy malware gets spread via a watering hole attack tactic

A new cybercriminal campaign has been observed in the wild, allegedly launched by the ‘Earth Kitsune’ hacking group, which was seen deploying the ‘WhiskerSpy’ malware against its targets. In this new campaign, the threat group used the watering hole attack tactic to infect the visitors of a pro-North Korea website. The Earth Kitsune operators spread...
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AI Chatbot OpenAI ChatGPT Malware Distribution Phishing Fake Websites Fake Apps

AI chatbot ChatGPT leveraged to push malware on devices

Threat actors were quick on their feet to leverage the popularity of an AI chatbot called “ChatGPT” to spread malware against Windows and Android targets. These attackers redirect victims to a fake website that guarantees free and uninterrupted access to ChatGPT’s premium version. However, the fake website will only trick the victims into installing malware...
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AveMaria Infostealer Malware Cyberthreat

AveMaria infostealer malware altered its strategy to propagate

The latest investigation revealed that the AveMaria infostealer had changed its strategies to infect more users. Based on reports, the operators of this infostealer have adopted changes and employed new TTPs to increase the efficiency of AveMaria campaigns. Researchers claimed that the operators of this infostealer have started making changes for almost half a year...
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