The era of Fake News – beware all Executives.

March 3, 2017
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Fake News impacts business Executives and organisation brand.

We have entered a new era of “Fake News” which can have a direct impact on all business Executives and brand protection strategies.  Fake News is real news – if you believe it. Fake News is being spread on dubious websites, specifically set up for this purpose. Fake news is also being spread on trusted channels – such as popular social media platforms. fake-newsWhen a message comes from a trusted source, a friend, an ally, surely you are more inclined to trust this message and act accordingly.

What does this mean for your “trusted” brand?

A primary function of the business to divulge a message to the market, the audience, shareholders and customers and investors. This is often the function of the marketing department, the function of the website, social platforms, print media and the like.

Often the CEO announces a message to the market. Shareholders reports are published. Announcements are made to investors. New products and services are launched, reviewed and discussed. Research findings are published, and forecasts are announced.

Does the target audience automatically trust your message – of course they do!! But what would be the impact if a “FAKE” news message was published to your target audience. What would occur if a fake shareholder announcement was made? What would be the impact of a fake message down grading the business profit forecast?

The impact of a fake messaging or incorrect information or data being published or circulated you have a drastic and profound impact for the business. It is even possible the impact to reach and impact global  markets, stock markets, futures markets.

It is important that the business employs background services to monitor for these fake but trusted sources across the blogosphere, social platforms and networks.

Brand Monitoring 2.0 has now become an essential piece of kit to any brand holders, any Executive and every business.

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