Dark Web Collection: username, passwords and the danger it brings

December 24, 2018
Dark Web Collection

Why account credentials?
Account credentials are basically the email/username and password of a user for their own personally or business use. But what if these information gets exposed online?
To criminals account credentials are important and they consider it as an essential in their threat structure.
Ever since breaches of database has been making the rounds, there are many more being exposed by both good and evil cyber users, but for what benefit?
Let’s tackle why evil minded people would race and get these information. The information whether it explicitly says where and which sites got hacked and leak would matter less as the time goes by. But why would some people consider credentials noteworthy?

Simply because of how we as human beings are habitually reusing our credentials and passwords.

Password Reuse
One example is a leaked database that I got from the Dark Web which is the Anti Public Database that is more than 15 GB in size. Despite being a year old leaks of email and passwords coming from unknown sources, some of the passwords for certain accounts are working on different random sites outside the breached site.
How it happens?
– Manually
– Automated Credential Stuffing
With the manual way of doing credential stuffing, hackers or the perpetrator can decide to open up unrelated websites and try entering credentials found in a dump. No way will I be doing this with 16 GB of records on my hand, unless I have a targeted list on my hand.
Automated Credential Stuffing is the most convenient way to test out your dumps which consists of usernames and passwords. The perfect way to check credentials and passwords is through automation. You just have to find the right program to do the work for you. It will take some technical knowledge, because you have to configure the program before it could successfully run for you.

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