Dark Web: Credit Card Breach Dubbed Arabian Nights

January 3, 2019
Credit Card Breach

Illicit cyber activities has been going on in the dark web. Despite the efforts of authorities and lawful groups, the trend of the black hats and cybercriminals still continues.

Lately this month of July a dark web carding store known as Joker’s Stash has been releasing breached cards and dumps information from all around the world through their connections with skimming groups. The carding store has made quite a reputation, because there are other black hats and cybercriminal groups trying to copy and emulate Joker by setting up a fake dark web store and phishing site of Joker’s Stash.

It is said that most cards and dumps in this store works, not all the time but we can say that the contents are legitimate. Price of the information sold from this store ranges from 10 USD up to 200+ USD through bitcoin and other accepted cryptocurrencies.

What caught our attention is the breach called Arabian Nights where breached Middle Eastern stores through POS hacking has been circulating the Dark Web for quite some time. But when it was not yet “publicized” to be true, there were already rumors or teasers coming from Joker’s Stash that they will release Middle Eastern card breach through hacked POS from luxury stores, though the exact luxury stores were not mentioned, because what matters is the breach itself.

The breach itself is so massive and controversial due to high validity that the store decided to release the information for sale in multiple parts.

First batch was released back on 12th of July this year which is comprised of 100 high valid dumps affecting 13 countries including countries outside of the Middle East which are from tourists.

Second batch was released back on 14th of July this year which is roughly the same number of dumps released for sale.

Third batch was released back on 17th of July this year affecting 100 cards, 13 countries.

Fourth batch was recently uploaded this 19th of July where highly rated customers get the perks of viewing the dumps before anyone else does. Third batch dumps of the Arabian Nights breach can be viewed by standard Joker’s Stash customers on 21st of July.

If you think your card was part of the breach, hurry up and get a replacement from your bank. Don’t wait for your personal information, and worse your credit card get duped which will obviously be used for unauthorized purchase in the end.

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