Lives are at risk on cyber and technology attacks

February 23, 2021
cyber technology attack lives at risk

Technology advancement is considered the most significant breakthrough in every institution, business, and alike. Having such elevation gives an edge to every sector that promised faster and reliable services that ease people’s lives of the burden of manual work. We are in a period heavily dependent on the comfort of these technologies but always have in mind that technology attack could lead to a damaging result if misused.

The latest trend about technology attack confirmed that a perpetrator can get hold of production controls remotely, thus endangering the consumer’s lives by altering the suggested content of the byproduct, making it poisonous rather than essential. Also, citing the previous attack on a primary utility provider such as electric and business network management software led to a negative impact on many businesses that rely primarily on its byproduct service. An instance of death was also reported when an emergency patient was brought to a hospital that needs critical care but was declined due to the victim’s health insurance company got attacked by ransomware that makes their system inaccessible. Thus, the patient could not receive the treatment needed and died while in transit to a different hospital.

The above listed unfortunate death only confirmed that these perpetrators will do everything, including becoming heartless, to profit with their every attack. They do not value lives at risk in performing their malicious activity in the name of money and power.


The growing statistics of intrusion to crucial technology used by different sectors are now considered an imminent danger to a nation as this has a domino effect on other industries.


The attack on the electric and network management company resulted in a temporary shortage of service that results in production loss that affects many businesses. The inoperable portal of the financial institution has led to a patient’s death requiring the insurance that was paid via hard-earned money. These are the vivid sample of the interrelated effect of such intrusion.

The incidents of cyberattacks are becoming very alarming that every nation must not neglect in our current time. With more services and production interconnects through the cyberworld, a strong fortress is needed to secure that our connection will not be tapped by any adversary. This could lead to massive damage to the businesses and, worse, became a threat to people’s lives instead of comfort. Every sector that already relies on technology advancement must also invest in tightening their security and ensuring proper mitigation plans are in place and updated. Moreover, the government is expected to lead the campaign in battling against these adversaries and proactively seek alternatives to protect its interest. Proper information dissemination and awareness drive are essential to let the public know these incidents’ gravity and the importance of being secured. Hence, ensuring that these technological advancements, especially those listed in crucial sectors, do not fall into any perpetrators’ hand.

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