Mac-specific malware: the false sense of security with Macs

June 25, 2018
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Recent research shows, with the widespread use of Apple devices, Mac-specific malware and viruses are now widespread. Apple Macs were once thought to be safer than Windows. Hackers found it more worthwhile to target Windows based operating systems with malware and viruses.

A recent study conducted by a veritable IT security firm reported Mac-specific malware increased by 270%, and four new Macs threats were detected in the early months of 2018.

We’ve compiled some of the most well-known and effective Mac threats:

This malicious code has the capability to read memory and steal information such as encryption keys, passwords and essentially anything the system has processed. Although there are no conclusive reports of it being used yet, the threat is always there.

Word macro viruses
Once confined to the PC space, these threats now also affect Mac users. Macro programs embedded into Word and other documents can contain malware. If they’ve been enabled to automatically run info-stealing malware, ransomware and more.

Created 13 years ago, with the unofficial name “creepware”, it maliciously accessed screenshots and webcam images from Macs.

Works exactly like ransomware in Windows, it encrypts your files, then requests ‘ransom’ money before your files can be restored.

Discovered in 2018, this is capable of redirecting your internet traffic through malicious servers without your knowledge. This is commonly used for phishing sensitive information.

Initially discovered hidden under a fake Adobe Flash update, it tricks victims to logging-in using their Mac password.

As the threats targeting Mac OS are gaining traction, like every other operating system, proper precautions are essential. Maintaining best practice in terms of security is pivotal to keeping your data safe. Stay up to date with cyber security news, backup your data and ensure you have security software dedicated for Mac OS.

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