Akamai buys Inverse IoT security vendor

February 10, 2021
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Akamai Technology is considered as one of the key players that offer digital and security services worldwide. With its vast network interconnectivity placed strategically in every corner of the globe, their contribution in having fast, reliable, and secured data and internet services becomes notable in the cyberworld.


The Inverse Company’s recent acquisition by Akamai Technology is tagged to be an excellent resolution to address the current infrastructure security deficiency with the fast-growing Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology.


The proportion of the IoT security developed by Inverse Company also enhances the IoT Edge Technology that Akamai is currently offering.

In this current pandemic situation, most businesses worldwide have been abruptly migrated to work from home environments wherein companies are more at risk of cyber-attacks. This is due to the very reason that imposed home security is highly unequalled to the one that business offices offered. Besides, most users have succumbed to the comfort of using new technology devices that can be controlled through the ease of the internet.

IoT Edge has been offered to business sectors by Akamai to enhance the security of devices that are connected to the company network. The application was developed and released in 2019 to properly manage IoT devices such as printers, cooling, heating equipment, lighting apparatuses, and robotics that a company uses typically. The Akamai technology offers services to ensure that devices that will access the network have been properly scanned and verified before establishing its connection. The permission level can also be customized by an administrator to limit access or usage of the device based on its role in the network infrastructure. This is said to create an environment that can avoid intrusion from any compromised botnet devices that an adversary controlled from a remote location.

This current venture is expected to boost the capability of the IoT Edge application with its current offer. The notable feature of Inverse IoT Security software that can monitor and scan devices’ behaviour connected to the network using their sturdy database, unusual traffic and task performed by a connected device can be easily detected and immediately addressed to avoid further damage any adversary.

The full term and information about the purchase are yet to be announced in the following months. However, application integration is considered a great innovation for the business sector arsenal in the war against cybercrimes. As adversaries are collaborating to develop a more lethal and vicious compromising software, this action of Akamai is highly regarded that will strengthen the business stand against attacks on IoT devices.

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