LulzSec group targets the Emirati Resources Recruitment Agency

February 8, 2024
LulzSec Group Emirati Resources Recruitment Agency HR

LulzSec Muslim threat group, a notorious hacking collective that surfaced in October last year, has reemerged and published an advisory that details some of their plans in the coming days.

According to one of our iZOOlogic researchers, the group posted an announcement that they hacked the Emirati APT resources recruitment agency. Moreover, the group claimed in their posting that they had accessed the agency’s entire database. The announcement also revealed that the group’s activity had compromised approximately 40,000 users’ information. As of now, the hackers stated in their announcement that the compromised data includes IDs, email addresses, company names, last names, locations, years, education, and CV filenames, among others.


LulzSec doubled down with their claims by publishing another threat about targeting Emirati servers.


Our researchers spotted another posting from the LulzSec group. This time, the group revealed they were planning an all-out attack against Emirati servers.

This hacking collective has prompted their groups and allies to prepare the day after tomorrow for the ‘strongest’ cyberattack on Emirati servers and websites. The threat also revealed that their operation will focus on paralysing the movement inside the Emirates, such as ticket reservation platforms for planes, trains, buses, and hotels.

The group also emphasised that their members and affiliates should put an effort with high-level proficiency since they do not want any laxity in their operations. The posting ended with the group calling all members worldwide and announcing that everyone should stay tuned to follow for more leaks that they guarantee will appear in the coming days.

LulzSec’s motives extend beyond mere profit. With a history rooted in anarchic ideology and an inclination for demonstration, the group’s actions are often motivated by a desire to disrupt and dismantle established systems.Their previous exploits, from high-profile corporate breaches to government infiltrations, have earned them a reputation as digital provocateurs capable of initiating chaos with a few keystrokes.

The stakes are undeniably high for the Emirati servers and their clientele. The prospect of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands is high, threatening to wear down trust and severely harming individuals and organisations.

As LulzSec once again takes centre stage, the world watches with anxiety, bracing for the impact of its next daring move. As of now, potentially targeted websites and servers should take this advisory as a reminder to fortify defences so they can thwart such threats.

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