UAE’s Etisalat faces security threats from Lockbit ransomware

February 18, 2024
Etisalat UAE Lockbit Ransomware DarkWeb

The Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC, known as etisalat, has fallen prey to the notorious Lockbit ransomware group. As the 18th largest mobile network operator globally and a state-owned telecom giant in the UAE, Etisalat’s recent cyber-attack poses significant risks not only to the company but also to the millions of subscribers relying on its services.


Etisalat is being demanded with $100,000 for the security of its stolen data.


Lockbit ransomware executed their attack on February 16, 2024, uploading sensitive files belonging to etisalat on their website. The cybercriminals demand a hefty $100,000 for anyone seeking to download the stolen data. Additionally, they present an ultimatum – pay the same amount, and they will permanently erase all compromised data, sparing the victim from potential data leaks. To add urgency, the threat group has imposed a ticking clock, offering a 24-hour extension for $5,000.

Despite these grave circumstances, the victim company has yet to confirm or respond to the cyberattack threat from the Lockbit ransomware group. This lack of communication could leave millions of subscribers and stakeholders in a state of uncertainty, unsure about the possible consequences of the cyber-attack.

The looming deadline set by the ransomware group, April 16, 2024, intensifies the urgency for the victim company to address the situation promptly. The lack of a confirmed response from the company heightens concerns, emphasising the critical need for transparency and communication in the face of such cyber threats.

This incident underscores the evolving sophistication of cybercriminals and emphasises the vulnerability of even the most prominent organisations. Cybersecurity is not just an organisational responsibility but a shared one that extends to governments, corporations, and individuals alike.

As the cybersecurity community awaits a response from etisalat, organisations worldwide must fortify their cybersecurity defenses. Collaborative efforts, investment in advanced technologies, and a proactive approach are essential to thwarting the ever-evolving threats posed by malicious actors in our interconnected digital world.

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