A breach in Indianapolis Housing Agency struck over 200K people

February 1, 2023
Data Breach Operation Disruption Indianapolis Housing Agency US Cyberattack Hacked

Over 200,000 individuals have been affected by a data breach incident that hit the Indianapolis Housing Agency in the US. According to reports, numerous critical information was included in the leak, such as people’s full names and Social Security numbers.

The notification letters sent to the affected people explained that the attack was detected last October 4, which had stealthily started on September 23 without the agency’s knowledge. Upon detection, Indianapolis Housing Agency immediately commenced an investigation to identify the attack’s scope and impact.

The security experts said that the data breach on the agency allowed the unknown hackers to steal people’s full names, addresses, birthdates, and Social Security numbers.


The Indianapolis Housing Agency cyberattack crippled its operations.


The cyberattack severely impacted people who relied on the agency for various housing services, as the agency’s operations were completely disrupted. One of the agency’s services that have been disrupted includes not being able to send rent payments to property owners under the Section 8 federal housing choice voucher program.

Several employees were also obliged to work manually as they had been locked out of their corporate systems for days during the attack.

Authorities have been contacted to aid with the resolution of the incident on Indianapolis Housing Agency and to hopefully speed up investigations, as many depend on their services.

The victims have been offered a year of IDX identity protection services to help them stay protected as threats of potential cyberattacks remain. In this service, the victims will be aided with identity theft recovery and a $1,000,000 insurance reimbursement policy should they become victims of cyberattacks related to the incident.

Because of the massive sensitive databases that major sectors, such as housing authorities, hold, many ransomware groups eye them as targets. In most cases, once the ransomware actors obtain these data from large organisations, they demand hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in ransom payments to ensure that the victims’ data are kept safe from being leaked or sold.

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