Whatsapp sharing to Third Party: Terms of Service and privacy policy update

January 8, 2021
whatsapp terms of service third party risk assessment privacy policy update

Whatsapp the messenger and call app that was merged with Facebook through the acquisition of Facebook wants to mandate its users to accept the updated terms of service and privacy policies until February 8, 2021. In case you don’t want to accept the new terms, a user may opt to delete their accounts.

The important changes consist of more information on WhatsApp’s service and how it processes user data. The updates also tell us how businesses use Facebook hosted services to store and manage their Whatsapp chats.

Numerous users in India took notice on the new policy popup when they start using their messaging app. The chat app’s message for users notes that the app is suggestive of typing AGREE on the policies that will affect February 8, 2021. The soon to be privacy policy further details on how it shares information with Facebook.


More details on Whatsapp sharing of information

Whatsapp will be sharing information with third-party service providers and related Facebook Companies.  To know more about it in details, you may visit their privacy policy site.


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What do we think is expected from it?

For Facebook messenger users, we think it might be a normal scenario for the same Whatsapp users. Expect that there will be more tailored ads that will appear on your Facebook profile. We would not be surprised that there will be sponsored contents too. We do think that our messages in Whatsapp is not safe anymore due to this sharing agreement. The privacy policy previously mentioned that Whatsapp messages will not be shared onto Facebook. However, different news sites say that the particular bit that protects Whatsapp messages is no longer in the privacy policy. We can also expect that Whatsapp uses Facebook’s global infrastructure and data centres.


Keeping the integrity of your data

If you are interested in limiting the data you share with Whatsapp, you must be wary and extra vigilant about which type of information you send on your chats and calls. To avoid being a target of future spear phishing occurrences, we suggest that you keep your personal details answerable by what, who, why and how away from the messenger app. The chat application, in any event, may get breached in the future. Thus, becomes the entry point for threat actors to collect data, it is not that far that chat logs can be leaked despite encryption standards and methods.

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