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Truist Bank Data Breach Hacking Forum Cybercrime

A leak on a hacking forum forces Truist Bank to admit breach

Truist Bank, one of the leading US-based commercial banks, confirmed that a threat actor had compromised its systems after the alleged data breach in October last year. According to reports, the attacker leaked part of the company’s data for sale on a hacking forum. This incident could cause various disruptions and concerns since the affected...
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Ticketmaster Dark Web Data Leak Hacking Forum

Millions of Ticketmaster customer data sold on a hacking forum

The notorious ShinyHunters threat group is selling what they claim is the personal and financial information of about 560 million Ticketmaster users on the recently relaunched BreachForums hacking forum. Based on reports, these purported stolen data are sold for half a million dollars. The reportedly stolen databases, first listed for sale on the Russian hacker...
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INC Ransomware Hacking Forums Dark Web Source Code

Hacker sells INC ransomware source code on hacking forums

A threat actor named “salfetka” claims to be selling the source code of INC ransomware, a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) business. INC became a notorious malicious entity after previously targeting the United States subsidiary of Xerox Business Solutions (XBS), Yamaha Motor Philippines, and Scotland’s National Health Service (NHS). The INC Ransom operation is undergoing modifications that could...
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UNAPIMON Winnti Gang Cyberattacks Threat Actors Cyberespionage

Winnti hacking group uses new UNAPIMON tool for cyberattacks

The notorious Chinese hacking group Winnti employs an undisclosed malware named UNAPIMON to execute malicious activities that could bypass security software solutions. This group, active for over a decade, is notorious for its sophisticated cyberespionage, targeting various organisations ranging from governments to educational institutes. Based on reports, the group uses this previously unseen custom malware...
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Rhysida Ransomware RaaS Cybercriminals Phishing

Rhysida ransomware, a growing threat in the hacking community

Federal law enforcement agencies have raised an alert regarding the threat of Rhysida ransomware attacks. The opportunistic nature of these operations has seen the Rhysida gang targeting organisations spanning multiple industries, leaving behind numerous compromised systems and data breaches. The joint advisory, issued by the FBI and CISA, allows defenders to acquire crucial information, including...
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Kazuar Backdoor Russia Turla Hacking Group Malware

Turla hacking group unveils the new Kazuar backdoor malware

The notorious Russian-linked cybercriminal organisation called Turla has reemerged in the threat landscape equipped with a new and improved version of the Kazuar backdoor. Based on reports, the Turla hacking group have been dormant in the past few months, indicating that they are enhancing the malicious tools that they would use in their return to...
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ObjCShellz Malware macOS BlueNoroff Social Engineering

BlueNoroff hacking group infects macOS with ObjCShellz malware

The notorious North Korean threat group BlueNoroff allegedly launched a new malicious payload dubbed ObjCShellz malware to target macOS systems. This novel malware shows how North Korean hackers constantly develop sophisticated tools to target every system, including macOS.   The ObjCShellz malware resembles a previous payload launched by North Korean hackers earlier this year.  ...
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Mogilevich Hacking group Infiniti USA Data breach Cybercrime

New Mogilevich hacking group allegedly hacks Infiniti USA

One of our iZOOlogic researchers has discovered an eerie posting from a new malicious entity called the Mogilevich hacking group. Mogilevich, a group dedicated to data extortion, operates with a clear agenda to administer severe consequences to companies and corporations that neglect the security of their digital infrastructure. The group claimed that their operators are...
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Hacking is the act of exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems or networks to gain unauthorised access, typically for malicious purposes such as stealing data or causing disruption.
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R00TK1T Hacking Group Threatens Malaysia Dark Web

R00TK1T hacking group threatens Malaysia in its latest post

The notorious R00TK1T hacking group announced they would conduct cybercriminal operations against Malaysia in the coming days. One of our iZOOlogic researchers spotted the group’s posting on a dark web platform, revealing that Malaysian citizens should prepare for their impending cyberattack. The group, known for its sophisticated and relentless cyber intrusions, has gained notoriety for...
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